Uniden r1 vs dfr9: 2023 Updated And Amazing Guide

Uniden ri and dfr9 are the best devices in terms of features and price. But if you are confused about which one you need to buy. Then don’t worry in this article I will provide you with a detailed guide about uniden r1 vs dfr9. Which helps you to choose the best one for you. 

Uniden r1 vs dfr9

Here I cover the review, features, pros, and cons of these devices. That provides you the idea of which one is the best device for you. Before I start the review let’s talk about something. That really helps you, Uniden is one of the best companies that provide the best radar detectors. 

Radar detectors are a device that helps you to detect the radar and laser signals that comes from police and law enforcement. This means while driving if you have a radar detector, you are safe from overspeeding tickets. 

When the radar detects the singles, It will immediately provide you with alerts. That tells you someone on the road who is detecting the speed of cars. At that time if you are doing overspeeding, Then slow down your car to save you. But be careful the use of radar detectors are illegal is in some countries and in some areas. 

So before buying any device, must check the laws and regulations. If these devices are legal in your area then buy and use them.

Uniden r1 vs dfr9

Both devices have a unique feature in terms of these prices. But before choosing any of them just make sure your preference. Because your preference allows you to choose your radar detector easily. But some of the features that I think you need to have in this device. 

Features that I prefer with my experience

  • Long range detection 
  • Advanced GPS 
  • 360 Protection 
  • Voice Alert 

These are some features that I prefer and the best part of these two devices. Uniden r1 and uniden DFR9 have these features. 

Uniden R1 Review 

Uniden R1 is one of the best devices in terms of price and features. If you have a low budget and you want a device at a low price with quality features. Then uniden R1 is the best device for you because it has a lot of features like GPS with red light camera alert, quiet mode, long-range detection, and many more. 

It has all the features that I think are needed in every device like long-range detection. If your radar detector has the ability to detect the singles from range, Then you have enough time to slow down your vehicle speed. 

The second feature that I want in my device is GPS. When my radar detector provides me false alert then I will mark that location. This tells me the second time easily this is a false alert. Sometimes almost all budget devices provide false alerts. 

But uniden R1 has an advanced DSP system, that provides you with more accurate alerts. After using this device I am telling you Uniden r1 has more accuracy than other budget devices. 

Features of Uniden R1

After review now it’s time to check the features of uniden R1 in detail.

  • Long range detection
  • Laser detection 
  • GPS features 
  • Quit ride.
  • Easy to read display.
  • Advanced K and Ka band filters
  • 5 bogy tones
  • Auto mute volume
  • Dark mode brightness setting
  • 8 selectable background color
  • Voice notification  

Long-range Detection: Long-range detection allows your device to tell you someone on the road that tracks your speed from a distance. That helps you to slow down your vehicle on time. 

GPS with red light alert: GPS and red light camera alert is an incredible feature that only comes with high-priced devices. But this device uniden R1 has this feature. Red light camera alert provides you.

360 Protection: With distance protection, it has 360 protection. This means your device detects the signals from the front and rear of your vehicle. 

Quite a Ride: This will allow your device to mute off some speed. 

Easy to read Device: Uniden R1 comes with an OLED display, That shows you the alert on your display. You just need to read those alerts easily. 

Pros And Cons 


  • Long-range detection
  • Laser detection limiting filtering
  • Radar detection 
  • Voice alerts
  • Quick ride


  • Lacks of learning features
  • Complex setting

These are the pros and cons of this device. I hope this review will help you to understand more about this device. Now let’s talk about the second device and that’s a DFR9. 

Uniden DFR9 review 

Uniden DFR9 is the best device, but it’s not made for a person who wants a budget device. But if you are a person who has a high budget, Then this is the best device for you in terms of features. 

Because it has an updated version of GPS, an IVT system, and Super long-range detection, 360 protection, and many more features. That I will tell you in the while with detail. But in short, if I tell you the basic difference in both devices. 

Both devices are the same in terms of features. But the difference is the DRF9 has upgraded features. It’s up to you if you have a low budget then Uniden R1 is for you. But if you have a high budget, Then uniden DFR9 is for you. 

It is enough for review, Now let’s talk about the features of these devices. 

Uniden DFR9 Features 

  • Extreme level Long Range Laser Radar Detection
  •  Voice alerts 
  • Radar band frequency display system 
  • GPS for Red Light and Speed camera areas
  • Easy-to-read OLED display system 
  • User Mark set and voice notification mode
  • Advanced K and Ka band filters are available 
  • Displays Signal Strength and Vehicle Battery Voltage on screen 
  • Max. Speed Warning System available in the device 
  • Sensitivity and selectivity 
  • All you need 

Super long-range detection: Uniden DFR9 has the ability to track the singles from the long range. That helps you to slow down your vehicle on time. 

Upgraded GPS Feature: Uniden DFR9 has a feature that allows you to mark the location. Where do you get the false alerts? But it’s not enough, the auto-learn feature of this device automatically mutes the device. Where you get commonly false alerts. 

Front and Rear Detection: The eagle eye feature makes your device detect the Radar ( X, K, and KA ) and laser singles from the rear and front of your vehicle. 

Red lights and camera alerts: Inbuilt preloaded data of red lights and cameras provide you location of red lights and detection cameras. Which takes your device to the next level. 

Voice Alerts: Voice warnings allow you to drive hands-free. This will make you focus on the road. You just need to understand the voice tone for different alerts. 

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced system
  • Voice alerts
  • GPS system
  • Long-range sensitivity and selectivity
  • Limited connectivity
  • Maximum speed warning alerts


  • It doesn’t always memorize fast alert set
  • False alert


Both devices have the same features, but the basic difference is that the Uniden DFR9 has an upgraded version of that feature. Now it’s up to you which one you choose. In my terms, if you have a low budget then uniden R1 is the best. 

It’s enough for this, now let’s wrap up the article. I hope you get the information which you want.

Thanks for reading. 

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