Where to mount radar detector in 2023

Radar detectors are the best devices that save your money from police speeding tickets. If you have radar detectors and you want to mount it. But you don’t know Where to mount radar detector. Then don’t worry here I am providing you a detailed guide.

Where to mount radar detector

That helps you to understand the basics of radar detectors. Also, you will learn some other guides that help you to understand more about radar detectors. But before I provide you with this information, Let’s start with the main topic. 

Where to mount radar detector 

If you have a radar detector then you have two options to mount it. The first one is the dashboard and the second one is the windshield. But the best option for you is a windshield Because it provides a clear view of the radar detector. 

Now let’s talk about the steps you need to follow to mount the radar detectors. 

Choose the area: You have two area options to mount your radar detector. So choose the area according to your preference. 

Clean the area: After choosing the area you need to clean the area and also clean the rubber cups.  Rubber cups help you to stick your device to the windscreen or dashboard. 

Attach The rubber Cups: After cleaning attach the rubber cups that you get with your bracket. After attaching, push your bracket to the windscreen and slide it. After sliding adjust your device angle and your device is mounted. 

Some FAQS Related to Radar Detector 

These are the steps that you need to take to mount your device. Now let’s talk about some important questions that you need to know. 

Is radar detectors are illegal 

In some countries and areas, the use of radar detectors is illegal. So before buying any of it, must check the rules and regulations of your area. If radar detectors are legal in your area then must use them. 

What does a radar detector work

Radar detectors have sensors that are used to get the radar X, K, and KA band singles. When radar detectors detect any of these bands. It processes and sends you an alert to the driver. 

Can I use my phone as a radar detector?

No, you can’t use your phone to detect radars. For this talk, you need a special device that is made for this work. 

Can cops detect a radar detector?

Yes, most radar detectors are easily detectable by the police or law enforcement. But that device that is used to detect does not have a long range. So police detect the radar detector within the range of 1KM. 

Are radar detectors worth it?

If these devices are legal in your area, Then it’s the best investment because it saves your money from overspeeding tickets. There are a lot of devices that you will get at low prices with great features. Cobra and Uniden are the best companies that provide these types of devices.


You have two places to mount your device. The best location to mount your radar detector is the windscreen. If your device sticks over there, then it gets a clear view of the road. I hope you get your question now it’s time to wrap up this content. Thanks for reading it. 

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