How to Use Uniden Dfr1 in 2023 ( Best & Ultimate Guide )

Uniden DFR 1 is one of the best products of the Uniden company. If you have a plan to buy it or maybe you already buy it, and you don’t know how to use it. Don’t worry in this article I am sharing with you a detailed guide about how to use uniden DFR1. 

How to Use Uniden Dfr1

That will help you to understand more about this product. Because In this article, We will discuss its features, reviews, pros, cons, and many other things. After reading this article you will able to describe some main features of Uniden dfr1 laser radar detector. 

Uniden dfr1 is the latest device launched by the Uniden company. This company is famous for its laser radar detectors. These laser radar detectors are advanced in features that make them famous worldwide.

Laser Radar Detector Mechanism

Laser radar detectors work with the sensing mechanism. These radar detectors contain special sensors that help you to detect the laser and radar rays in the surrounding atmosphere. After detecting the rays the device starts processing and sends alerts to users. 

It warns the user of different methods of detection by law enforcement. It is the best device for safe journeys along the city or highways. 

Because it helps you to save your money from speeding tickets. In my terms, It is the best life-saving gadget. It helps the users to keep themselves safe from police radar and speed-detecting guns to save their money. 

But be careful because the use of laser radar detectors are illegal is in some areas and in some counties. So before buying, try to learn the laws and regulation of your area, and if you see the use of these devices are legal in your area. 

Then buy the latest device for you and use it for saving purposes. Basically, these devices are made to build healthy driving skills. 

Uniden Dfr1 Review

Uniden dfr1 is the latest radar detector at an affordable price. It has amazing features in a lower price range. DFR1 has city and highway modes. You can switch the device according to your needs. The city mode can control more traffic areas and highway mode detests the signals along the highways. It has amazing features but the effectiveness of these features may vary. Because the need of every person is different from the other one. Features explanation can best explain its worth.

Features of Uniden Dfr1

The main features of the Uniden dfr1 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • K and Ka-band detection( both types of band detection is available in the device)
  • Laser detection ( it can detect laser signals)
  • Radar detection ( it can detect radar signals in surroundings)
  • Visual and audio alerts (both types of visual and audio alerts are available in the device)
  • Signal strength display ( it displays signal strength on the screen)
  • City and highway modes ( both types of city and highway modes are available)
  • Quiet mode ( quiet mode when you need it)
  • GPS capabilities ( this enables the device to work with the setting system)
  • Multiple bands ( it can differentiate between the different bands)
  • Updates ( different updates are available in the device)
  • Available all you need ( all the basic modes are available in the device)

Pros and cons 

The pros and cons of Uniden dfr1 are as follows.


  • Laser Detection 
  • Radar Detection 
  • Affordable and compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Highway and City Mode


  • Limited Features 
  • Sometimes provide False Alerts 
  • Limited Ranges

What’s in the box of Use Uniden Dfr1

The accessories that are present in the box of Uniden dfr1 are as follows:

  • Dfr1 laser radar detector
  • Smart power cord
  • DC power code
  • Windshield mounting brackets
  • Hook and loop fastener

These accessories are present in the box. There are also some optional accessories that you can buy if you need them. The selection of optional things is totally upon you.

How to Use Uniden Dfr1

The setting of the Uniden dfr1 laser radar detector is very easy, but the step-by-step procedure is very important to follow for settings of dfr1. First of all turn on the Uniden dfr1 laser radar detector to power on the device. 

Next, you have to set the programming of your Uniden dfr1 laser radar detector. Select the language that you want to use in your laser radar detector. 

Now it’s time to select the date and time to display on the screen that you want to display on the screen means to say the current date. Select units that you want to display on the screen.

Sensitivity selection

Select the sensitivity level of your dfr1 laser radar detector. Select the city and highway modes of the laser radar detector. Depending upon the requirement of your travel you will select the modes of your laser radar detector. Adjust the sensitivity according to the different bands present in your device.

GPS settings 

You can select the setting to mark different regions on your device. The detector will work accordingly.

Display settings of dfr1 

Set the display system according to your requirements. This includes all the things that you want to see as a displaying feature on your screen. Brightness, voice alerts, volume all things must be displayed on the screen of the laser radar detector to provide you ease.

Mounting or setting up procedure

Mounting can be done by two methods. These two methods are as follows:

  • Windshield mounting 
  • Dashboard mounting

Windshield mounting 

The steps in the windshield mounting are as follows:

  1. The rubber cups and the windshield on which you want to set up your detector must be cleaned for the view without hurdles.
  2. Push the bracket firmly on the windshield of your vehicle. 
  3. Now attach the detector with the bracket carefully. Make sure, that the detector is Parallel to The Road Surface So That It Can Detect Maximum Strength And be able to provide maximum sensitivity with correct alerts.
  4. If it is necessary to adjust the angle, then rotate or press the bracket carefully to change the direction according to your needs.

Plug on the radar detector and it will start working according to your needs.

Dashboard Mounting 

The steps for dashboard mounting are as follows:

  1. Place the uniden dfr1 laser radar detector on the dashboard to know which position is best and it maintains a clear view parallel to the road surface so that I can detect well.
  2. Remove the paper from one side of the hook and loop fastener. 
  3. Attach the pad to the dashboard at your chosen location and remove the paper from the other side of the pad.
  4. Attach the detector to the hoop and loop fastener and fix it.
  5. Plug the smart power cord into the detector to power on the detector.


This laser radar detector is best by features. It is the best investment in an affordable range. If you want advancement then you should move towards something advanced. No matter which one is your device information matter. I hope you get your required information about the Uniden dfr1 laser radar detector. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and best wishes for the journey and the perfect device. 


In some countries and also in some areas the use of laser radar detectors is illegal. So before buying any device, check the laws and regulations of your area. That will help you to understand, whether the use of these detectors is legal or not in your area. Here we only provide you with information.

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