How to use uniden dfr9 in 2023 ( Amazing Guide )

Laser radar detectors are the devices that help you to save your money. So you need a laser radar detector, There are a lot of devices that are available in the market. But DFR9 is one of the best devices. If you have this device then in this article I am sharing with you a detailed guide about how to use uniden dfr9.

In this article, we will discuss reviews, features, pros, cons, and many more things about the Uniden dfr9. After reading this amazing article you will able to identify different things about the latest device Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector.

How to use uniden dfr9

Uniden is an amazing company that is famous for its laser radar detectors. Uniden dfr9 is one of the excellent quality products from Uniden. It is equipped with the latest features and one of the best versions by Uniden. 

The basic working system of laser radar detectors

The basic working mechanism of all the laser radar detectors is the same but they different from one another is in terms of updated features. The laser radar detectors are the devices that detect signals from the surroundings. 

Police use radar guns to detect the speed of the vehicles mostly. Laser radar detectors help to detect the presence of police guns and provide alerts about their presence. This helps users to save money. The sensors are present in the device that detect signals from the environment and process these signals. The detecting system present in laser radar detectors is very advanced.

Review about uniden dfr9 

Uniden dfr9 is the latest device that is equipped with an amazing structure. It fully provides satisfaction to the users. It is somewhat expensive but it is equipped with a brilliant setup. It is fully worth its price. 

It has brilliant GPS technology that provides the full facility of marking. You can mark the selective regions for your ease. It has full customer sport. Further, you can check reviews of customers at the official website of uniden to know more about customer reviews about uniden dfr9.

Features of uniden dfr9 

The brilliant features of the uniden dfr9 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Extreme level Long Range Laser Radar Detection
  •  Voice alerts 
  • Radar band frequency display system 
  • GPS for Red Light and Speed camera areas
  • Easy-to-read OLED display system 
  • User Mark set and voice notification mode
  • Advanced K and Ka band filters are available 
  • Displays Signal Strength and Vehicle Battery Voltage on screen 
  • Max. Speed Warning System available in the device 
  • Sensitivity and selectivity 
  • All you need 

Pros and cons of uniden dfr9 

Every system is based on some pros and cons. The pros and cons present in uniden dfr9 are as follows:


  • Advanced system
  • Voice alerts
  • GPS system
  • Long-range sensitivity and selectivity
  • Limited connectivity
  • Maximum speed warning alerts


  • It doesn’t always memorize fast alert set
  • False alert

What’s in the box of uniden dfr9 

The accessories that are present in the box of the Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector are as follows; 

  • DFR9 Radar Detector
  • Smart power cord 
  • Mounting brackets
  • Hook and Loop Fastener Tape
  • Detailed Owner’s Manual

Some extra accessories for the uniden DFR9 laser radar detector are also available. You can choose according to your needs. Those are additional accessories and optional. It’s up to you whether you want these accessories or not. 

How to use uniden dfr9 

The setting of the Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector is very simple, but the step-by-step procedure is very important to follow to set the settings of the Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector. First of all turn on the Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector to power on the device.

Now it’s time to set the programming of your Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector. Select the language that you want to use in your laser radar detector as your device language. Now it’s time to select the date and time to display on the screen. Select units that you want to display on the screen to measure different things.

Sensitivity selection

Select the sensitivity level of your dfr9 laser radar detector. Select the city and highway modes of the laser radar detector for your travel. Depending upon the requirement of your travel you will select the modes of your Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector.

Adjust the sensitivity according to the different bands present in your Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector. The sensitivity level of every laser radar is different. It is according to the features present in the device.

GPS settings 

You can select the setting to mark different regions on your device that are famous for the presence of radar and laser rays emitted by the other objects Especially from the police guns. The detector will work according to the setting you set on the laser radar detector.

Display settings of uniden dfr9 

Set the display system according to your requirements. This includes all the things that you want to see as a displaying feature on your screen of the uniden DFR9 laser radar detector. Brightness, voice alerts, volume, signal strength all things must be displayed on the screen of the laser radar detector to provide you full comfort.

Mounting or setting up procedure of Uniden dfr9

After setting all the menu settings of your device it’s time to mount the laser radar detector according to your needs. There are two main types of mounting. These are as follows:

  • Windshield mounting
  • Dashboard mounting

Windshield mounting

The steps in the windshield mounting are as follows:

  • The rubber cups and the windshield on which you want to set up your detector must be cleaned properly so that it displays a good angle.
  • Push the bracket firmly on the windshield of your vehicle to set the laser radar detector.
  • Now it’s time to attach the detector with the bracket carefully. Make sure, that the detector is Parallel to The Road Surface So That It Can Detect Maximum Strength and be able to provide maximum sensitivity with correct alerts.
  • Power on the laser radar detector it will start working according to your settings. 

Dashboard mounting

The steps for dashboard mounting are as follows: 

  • Place the uniden DFR9 laser radar detector on the dashboard to know which position is best.
  • Remove the paper from one side of the hook and loop fastener tape to attach it to the dashboard.
  • Attach the pad to the dashboard at your chosen location remove the paper from the other side of the hook and loop fastener tape.
  • Attach the detector to the hoop and loop fastener and fix it according to your needs. 
  • Plug the smart power cord into the detector to power on the detector, the detector will start working according to the set system.


What is the frequency of the uniden radar detector?

The frequency mostly used by the Uniden radar detectors to detect the rays in the surrounding environment is approximately 24.05__24.25 GHz.

Electromagnetic waves are used in laser radar detectors to detect laser and radar emission.

Yes, uniden dfr9 is expensive but it has amazing features that are admirable. It is not such a budget-friendly laser radar detector.

China has the best radar system in the world. No doubt there are many countries that have an amazing system but China is the best among all.


Personally speaking, the Uniden dfr9 is not a pocket-friendly laser radar detector. If you have a craze then you can go for it but if you can’t afford an expensive radar detector then you should move towards some other less expensive one. Overall it is worth it’s price. Hope so you get enough information about the Uniden dfr9 laser radar detector. Thanks for reading this article and best regards for your amazing life journey.

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