Cobra Rad 480i Vs Escort X80 ( Updated 2023 )

Are you curious about comparing the features of two different well-known laser radar detectors? You are at the right place to know about laser radar detectors. Here we will discuss the two types of laser radar detectors one Cobra rad 480i and the other one is escort x80.

Cobra Rad 480i Vs Escort X80

Cobra Rad 480i and Escort x80 are the detecting devices that alert police guns with the help of electromagnetic waves. These detectors are a good investment for those people. Those who travel along the highways. These detectors save a lot of money by saving them from traffic tickets.

What Are Laser Radar Detectors

First of all, we have a small introduction of laser radar detectors. Laser and radar are electronic devices that are placed in cars to measure the speed of the car. A radar detector measures radio waves generated by the radar gun, and a laser detector measures the light waves generated by the LIDAR (light detection and ranging) guns.

If both radar and laser are mentioned in the description of a detector. It means that the device can measure both radio waves from radar guns and light waves by the LIDAR guns. In short, a laser and radar detector is a device. That can measure speed or tell whether an object is moving or stationary with the help of electromagnetic waves.

Cobra Rad 480i Vs Escort X80 

That’s all about the laser radar detector introduction, now it’s time to know about the different perspectives of two different types of laser radar detectors which are our main target. These two detectors have some classic functions. Let’s discuss these both two one by one.

Cobra Rad 480i Review

The price of Cobra Rad 480i is less than the other detectors and these are in an affordable range. The main question is whether: the price is worth it or not. It has amazing features that help you to monitor your safety. It is worth its price. But if you want a detector with much better quality then you should go for an updated version

Feature of Cobra Rad 480i

Now after a short review, it is time to see the feature of Cobra Rad 480i.

  1. Front And Rear Detection 
  2. I Radar App
  3. Long Range Detection 
  4. Early Warning 
  5. Everything You Need

These are the 5 most important features of Cobra Rad 480i. Now I will provide you a detailed review of these features. That help you to understand more about this product.

Front And Rear Detection: Cobra’s new laser eye technology detects signals from both the sides of vehicle front and back and provides you full protection in your journey.

I Radar App: It helps you to know about what lies on the road ahead, provides information, and updates you from time to time immediately.

Long-Range Detection: Its next-generation updateable IVT filter and advanced anti-falsing circuiting reduce the false alerts from blind spots and provide you protection with long-range detection.

Early Warning: The digital signal processing system present in it provides the fastest processing and updates you as soon as possible before the threat is in front of you.

Everything You Need: Cobra Rad 480i comes with a 12v vehicle power cord, suction cup, etc. and all you need for your protection alert is available in its system.

Escort X80 Review

Escort x80 compared to Escort Redline 360c and Max Passport 360c is much better in performance. It is high in sensitivity, has an affordable set of features, and low contrast display. It is worth its price and available at in affordable price in the marketplace. These detectors are a good investment for the people who travel along the highways.

Features of Escort X80 

Some admirable features of the escort x80 radar laser detector are as follows: 

  1. High Performance 
  2. Clear Voice Alerts 
  3. Lightening Fast Precision 
  4. Escort Live App 
  5. Everything You Need 

Now it is time to discuss some detailed information about these features :

High Performance: The escort x80 provides high scanners that detect the signals and protect you with fast signal alerts. this provides maximum alerts and catches all the signals including conventional and instant on radar guns.

Clear Voice Alerts: It provides a unique clear voice alert operation with a hands-free facility. you can get clear voice signals concerning your speed without being distracted. 

Lightening fast precision: Its true digital signal processing provides you fastest response rate available. it gives high-power signals with maximum accuracy.

Escort Live App:  It provides information about what’s happening on the road ahead. it provides information about red lights, traffic conditions, police radar, speed, etc 

Everything You Need: The escort detector comes with a convenient travel case, a smear cord USB, a suction cup, and everything necessary for detection processing.

Comparison Of Cobra Rad 480i And Escort X80

Properties Escort x80 Cobra Rad 480i
Laser 360 degree Yes 
VG-2 protection VG-2No 
Visual alerts YesDigital 
Earphone jack3.5mmNo 

Pros and Cones Of Cobra Rad 480i And Escort X80

Everything in this world has some pros and cons, nothing is perfect. But we have to accept things with their pros and cons. Here are some pros and cons of Cobra Rad 480i and Escort X80 also available. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of these two detectors.

Pros and cons of Cobra Rad 480i

First, let’s see the pros and cons of Cobra Rad 480i. These will help you to understand more about this product.


  • Affordable price
  • Display screen
  • Range detection


  • Frequent false alerts
  • Auto sensitivity mode

Pros and cons of Escort X80


  • Good sensitivity
  • A reasonable set of features
  • Effective audible alert alarms


  • low contrast display
  • Fussy control
  • False alarms
  • Speed traps

These are the possible pros and cons of the Cobra Rad 480i and Escort x80. That will help you to know about the basic advantages and disadvantages of these two detectors. This information will help you to find the best detector for you. 


These two radar laser detectors provide you with the best experience of new technology. The investment in the detectors is the best. Because we are using vehicles every day and face traffic and also police guns. A one-time investment in these will save money for a long time.

These also protect you from threats throughout your journey along the highways To choose one of them is the best option for protection. No matter, which detector you will use for your personal use this information will guide you better to active your target. Hope so this article will be informative for you about the detectors.


Laser radar detectors are illegal in some countries. Some countries and some cities don’t allow you to mount a laser radar detector on your windshield or on the dashboard. You should first check the laws of your state and then do according to your needs and according to the law of your state. Every countryman should focus on his state laws respectfully and honestly. We only provide you with information that helps you. We don’t support illegal activities.

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