How to use escort x80 radar detector in 2023 ( Full Guide )

Did you recently buy a new Escort x80 radar detector for your vehicle. But you don’t know how to use it or set up it. First of all, congratulations on your amazing investment, and don’t worry about its mounting and setting up.

How to use escort x80 radar detector

Here we are providing you amazing information for mounting or setting up your newly bought amazing escort x80 device. In this article you will learn the features, setting procedure, and many more tips or warnings for setting up the procedure of your escort x80 radar detector. Let’s start with the motive of learning something new.

How to use escort x80 radar detector

When we introduce ourselves to new technology, we automatically think about the working mechanism and mounting procedure of this technology. Radar detectors are radar signal-sensing devices that work with the sensors present in their system.

These sensors detect the radar signals alert you against any threat and warn you against danger. This is the basic procedure of all the detectors and helps us to save ourselves from the threats during our journey. The escort x80 also has this system as a basic pillar. It also has some distinguishing features, the next step is to learn about those amazing features.

Escort X80 Review

It is high in sensitivity, can sense signals in less time, and provides fast alerts against threats and police guns. It is worth its price and available at a comfortable price in the marketplace. These detectors are a good investment for the people who travel along the highways as the speed on highways is high. Escort x80 radar detector compared to Escort Redline 360c and Max Passport 360c is much better in performance.

Escort X80 Features

Now it’s time to introduce some basic features of escort x80 detector. Let’s start with some basic features:

  • Long-range band radar performance
  • Exclusive auto sensitivity (quick sensing and fast alert delivery)
  • Exclusive expert meter tracking
  • Exclusive display (provides actual numeric frequency)
  • Escort x80 with build in Bluetooth technology
  • High Performance 
  • Clear Voice Alerts 
  • Lightning-Fast Precision 
  • Connection with the escort live app
  • Features when connected to escort live:
  • Real-time ticket protection network (warns you with on-time quick alerts)
  • Defender database (warn you from speed traps, and speed cameras)
  • Popular GPS power features


  • Good sensitivity
  • Affordable Set of Features
  • Audible Alert Alarms


  • Low Contrast Display
  • Fussy Control
  • False Alarms
  • Speed Traps

Registration For Escort Live App

Follow these few steps to complete the registration of your escort x80 on the escort live app. Remember you need your product serial number to complete your registration on the Escort Live app. The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit website And click on the register product.
  2. Click on registration for all devices links.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your escort x80 registration on the Escort live app.

Remember your username and password and write them down for further use to log in on the Escort Live app.

Escort X80 Installation

Now it’s time to mount and set up your newly purchased Escort x80 radar detector. First, we will get information on where we should mount the escort x80 radar detector.

Where To Mount Your Detector?

You will be amazed by the performance of your radar detector if you set up it in the middle of your vehicle. The detector lens must not block, and the laser eye should have a clear view from our window so that it can detect easily and provide maximum and right alerts.

Radar and laser signals can pass through glass but cannot pass through some other objects. 

Some basic objects can block the signals of radar, these avoiding objects are as follows:

  • Windshield Whipper Blades
  • Mirrored Sunscreens
  • Dark Tinting areas are present at The Top of the Windshield of your vehicle.
  • Heated Windshields Currently Present on Some Vehicles

Windshield Mounting of escort x80.

Here are a few steps for setting up your escort x80 on the windshield. These are as follows:

  1. Make sure that the rubber cups and the windshield on which you are going to set up your detector are clean for the view without hurdles.
  2. Push the bracket firmly on the windshield of your vehicle. 
  3. Attach the detector with the bracket carefully. Make sure that the detector is parallel to the road surface so that it can detect with maximum strength and be able to provide maximum sensitivity with correct alerts.
  4. If it is necessary to adjust the angle, then rotate or press the bracket carefully to change the direction according to your needs.
  5. Plug the smart power cord of the detector into the escort x80.

Tips For Mounting

  • The Centre of the windshield should be selected between the driver and passenger so that there is a clear view, hurdle hurdle-free view.
  • Ensure that there is a clear view of the road and above the sky, angle adjustment should be fine.
  • Avoid windshield wipers present on the windshield.

Escort X80 Mounting Location

Warning: Escort cannot import many ways for the mounting of escort x80.

It should be noted that mounting is done where it doesn’t disturb your view and don’t cause hazard when accidents happen. 

For optimum performance, we recommend the following measures for mounting or setting up your escort x80:

  • Using windshield mount level of escort should be so high that it provides a clear view.
  • Mount escort x80 radar detector away from windshield wipers and tinted areas.
  • To adjust the Escort x80 radar detector on your windshield use the easy mount release button present on your Escort x80 device.

Using escort x 80 radar detector

  • Place the small end of the smart cord into the jack on your escort x80 radar detector and the other end of the smart cord into the lighter of your vehicle.
  • Escort x80 should be powered on automatically if not then push the power on button to power on your escort x80 device.


The investment in the detectors is the best as we are using vehicles every day and face traffic and police guns on the roads, especially on highways. A one-time investment in these radar detectors will save money for a long time. Hope so this article will be informative for you in setting up your radar detector.


Laser radar detectors are illegal in some countries. Some countries and some cities don’t allow you to mount a laser radar detector on your windshield or on the dashboard. You should first check the laws of your state and then do according to your needs and according to the law of your state. Every countryman should focus on his state laws respectfully and honestly. We only provide you with information that helps you. We don’t support illegal activities.

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