How to Use Cobra Rad 480i in 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Are you interested to set up of your newly bought Cobra Rad 480i? First, you made the best choice by buying a radar from Cobra. Because it offers the best radar detectors for your personal use. Radar detectors are simply sensing devices that detect signals and provide you alerts about threats.

How to Use Cobra Rad 480i

These devices work with the help of electromagnetic waves. Radar detector is the best investment that you made. Because it will help you to save your traffic plantey. In this article we will share with you how to use cobra rad 480i. With this guide you can easily install it and use it.

How to Use Cobra Rad 480i

After buying a detector it is the first step to know about its mounting and its working procedures. Don’t worry we will provide you best information regarding mounting and setting up a Cobra Rad 480i. It works with the sensors present in Cobra rad 480i.

A single sensor can just detect signals in front of you. But more than one sensor can detect signals from all sides of the vehicle. Some basic features of the Cobra Rad 480i act as the pillars of the Cobra Rad 480i detector. Let’s have a look at the list of some features and then learn about the mounting and setting up Cobra Rad 480i.

What is Cobra Rad 480i

Cobra Rad 480i is the best detector in an affordable range and it is the best investment for your safety and the safety of your money. It was your best decision to purchase a cobra 480i detector for your personal use. It is available with maximum sensitivity and selectivity and offers full safety.

Cobra Rad 480i Features

Here is a short introduction to the features of Cobra Rad 480i. let’s start with some basics:

  • Radar Laser Protection (protect from all laser and radar guns)
  • Second Generation IVT Filter (automatically reduces false alerts and many more)
  • I Radar (wirelessly attach to Cobra rad 480i)
  • Laser Eye (protect from laser from all sides)
  • White OLED Display (bright display with band identification)
  • Voice Alert (digital voice announcements)
  • Dual Language (English and Spanish dual language available)
  • Quiet Drive (less voice signals when passengers are sleeping alert with signals)
  • Auto Mute (auto mute for unnecessary signals)
  • User Updates (allow access to update future updates)
  • 6 Power Cord 
  • Windshield
  • Dash Mounts

What’s in the box of Cobra Rad 480i

  • RAD 480i Radar/ Laser Detector 
  • 12V Power Cord 
  • Windshield Mount with Suction Cups 
  • Hook AND Loop Fastener for Dash Mounting 
  • Quick Start Guide


There are some optional accessories also available in stores that you can purchase with your Cobra Rad 480i detector. These are as follows:

  • Coiled 12V Power Cord: Item # 420-026-N-001– plug and fuse included. 
  • Straight Combination Radar USB Cord: Item # PWR USB-01 –plug and USB Output included.
  • Dual Port Power Adapter: Item # CLP-2B – adjustable plug (up to 90˚) and fuse included.
  • Hardwire Cord for Radar: Item # RA-PSCB –attaches your detector directly to the fuse box for a quick and clean installation. 
  • Install Mount: Item # 545-002 – 3M Dual Lock included.

Product Service and Support 

For operating your new Cobra rad 480i first contact the Cobra for any main questions. The contact information will vary according to the country. If you want the service of your product, then contact Cobra through their website.


Now it is time to set up your newly purchased Cobra rad 480i detector. First, we will get information that where we should mount the Cobra Rad 480i.

Where To Mount Your Detector?

You will get maximum performance from your detecting device if you mount it in the center of your vehicle. You can also mount it directly on your dashboard with the help of a hook-and-loop fastener. The detector lens must not blocked and the laser wye should have a clear view from our window so that it can detect easily and provide maximum and right alerts.

Radar and laser signals can pass through glass but can not pass through some other objects. The objects that can block the signals are as follows:

  • Windshield Whipper Blades
  • Mirrored Sunscreens
  • Dark Tinting at The Top of the Windshield
  • Heated Windshields Currently Present on Some Vehicles 

There are two main places where you can mount your Cobra rad 480i detector easily. These are as follows:

  • Windshield Mounting 
  • Dashboard Mounting

Windshield Mounting for Cobra Rad 480i

Here are a few steps for setting up your Cobra Rad 480i on the windshield. These are as follows:

  1. Make sure that the rubber cups and the windshield on which you are going to set up your detector are clean.
  2. Push the bracket firmly on the windshield.
  3. Attach the detector with the bracket carefully. Make sure that the detector is parallel to the road surface so that it can detect with maximum strength.
  4. If it is necessary to adjust the angle, then rotate or press the bracket carefully to change the direction. Don’t rotate or push the detector to change the detector direction, it can damage the working procedure of the detector.
  5. Plug the power cord into the detector.
  6. Plug your cigarette lighter adapter on the power cord into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

Dashboard Mounting for Cobra Rad 480i

Here are a few steps to setting up your Cobra rad 480i detector on the dashboard. These are as follows:

  1. Place the detector on the dashboard to know which position is best and it maintains a clear view parallel to the road surface so that I can detect well. The angle of the detector cannot be adjusted after the setting up of the detector on the dashboard.
  2. Remove the paper from one side of the hook and loop fastener.
  3. Attach the pad to the dashboard at your chosen location and remove the paper from the other side of the pad.
  4. Attach the detector to the hoop and loop fastener.
  5. Plug the power cord to the detector.
  6. Plug your cigarette lighter adapter on the power cord into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter.

The procedure of mounting is done with these two methods. now it’s time to adjust things on the detector these you can adjust according to your need.


This article provides you necessary information about setting up your detector. No matter which method you will choose to be setting up your detector this article guides you about both methods of setting up your detector. Hope so this article proves helpful for you.


Laser radar detectors are illegal in some countries. Some countries and some cities don’t allow you to mount a laser radar detector on your windshield or on the dashboard. You should first check the laws of your state and then do according to your needs and according to the law of your state. Every countryman should focus on his state laws respectfully and honestly. We only provide you with information that helps you. We don’t support illegal activities.

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