Cobra Rad 380 Vs Uniden dfr1: Amazing guide to pick the best

If you want to buy laser radar detectors. Then there are a lot of devices in the market like Cobra rad 380 and uniden dfr1. If you want to buy these devices and you are confused about which one is the best for you. Then don’t worry in this article iam adding a detailed guide of Cobra rad 380 vs uniden dfr1. 

Cobra Rad 380 Vs Uniden dfr1

That helps you to understand more about these devices. That helps you to choose the best product for you. In this article, we are comparing Cobra Rad 380 and Uniden dfr1 radar detectors’ features, pros, and cons.

Cobra and Uniden both are amazing companies for the production of laser radar detectors. These companies are famous among the people who are using vehicles on a daily basis. These radar detectors are used in vehicles for detection purposes. We can gather a lot of information about these two companies and radar detectors at the same time by comparing these two devices.

Working base of laser radar detectors

The working mechanism of all the laser radar detectors is very easy and basic. These laser radar detectors contain special sensors in their structure. These sensors detect the laser and radar rays present in the surrounding environment. 

These sensors after detection send these signals to the main processing unit of the device. These processing units process the signals and send alerts to the display system of the device. Then this display system sends alerts to the user in the form of audio and visual alerts.

Cobra rad 380 Vs Uniden dfr1

Both devices have their own unique features and both are the best devices in terms of features and price. I hope you know very well about these devices. Because this basic information helps you to pick the best device for you. 

If you have knowledge then great, but if you don’t have knowledge about these devices. Don’t worry ima providing you with some tips that will help you to pick the best device for you. Before buying any device just focus on some basic features. 

Like Long range detection, 360 protection, GPS with red light and camera details, and highway and city modes. SO must consider these features in your device. The comparison between cobra rad 380 and uniden dfr1 is as follows:

Review about Cobra rad 380

Cobra Rad 380 is an amazing device when we talk about features. The device is maintained with an amazing system that is very useful for the user. It is best in features but also it is outdated in some aspects. If you want extraordinary and latest features, then you should move towards the other latest devices.

Features of Cobra Rad 380

The features of the Cobra rad 380 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Radar laser protection
  • Laser eye
  • Anti falsing facility
  • Second-generation IV filters
  • City and highway modes 
  • 7-segment color display 
  • Auto mute
  • Audible signal strength level 
  • Power cord
  • Windshield and dashboard mount available

Radar laser protection: Cobra rad 380 can detect all kinds of laser and radar signals present in the surroundings.

Laser eye: It can detect laser signals from the sides of the vehicles and provide protection from all directions.

Anti falsing facility: It can automatically reduce false alerts and provide efficient alerts on time.

Second-generation IV filters: The device can automatically select the prioritize alerts and waste unimportant alerts from the device.

City and highway modes: The device has city and highway modes with regard to sensitivity and provides full benefit to the user.

7-segment color display: The device contains an easily readable color display for visual signals and this facilitates user at night.

Pros and cons of Cobra Rad 380

The pros and cons of Cobra Rad 380 are as follows:


  • Early warnings
  • Fast connectivity 
  • Increased awareness   
  • Reduce traffic tickets
  • Customized settings are available


  • False alerts
  • Limited effectiveness

Uniden dfr1

The Uniden dfr1 is an amazing radar detector by Uniden. Uniden dfr1 is an amazing device and it is equipped with the latest and most amazing features. This device has full customer support. The device material and mechanism are too efficient. It is the latest version that is equipped with the latest system. It provides an amazing display system for on-time alerts and this display system is easily readable at night

Features of Uniden dfr1

The features of uniden dfr1 are as follows:

  • K and Ka-band detection
  • Laser detection
  • Radar detection
  • Visual and audio alerts
  • Signal strength display
  • City and highway modes
  • Quiet mode
  • Gps capabilities
  • Multiple bands
  • Updates
  • Available all you need

K and Ka-band detection: Both type of band detection is available in the device according to the requirements of the user 

Laser detection: it can detect laser signals present in the surrounding environment emitted from the police guns.

Radar detection: it can detect radar signals in surroundings that are produced by the radar-emitting devices present in surroundings.

Visual and audio alerts: both types of visual and audio alerts are available in the device according to the ease of the user.

Signal strength displays: it displays signal strength on the screen that provides awareness about the signals to the user.

City and highway modes: both types of city and highway modes are available in the device. You can set these modes according to your requirements or needs.

Quiet mode: Quiet mode is available you can use it when you need it.

GPS capabilities: this enables the device to work with the setting system. You can mark different regions on the devices, which will work accordingly.

Multiple bands: it can differentiate between the different bands and detect the signals in the right way according to the user’s requirements.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of Uniden dfr1 is as follows:


  • Laser detection
  • Radar detection 
  • Affordable design
  • The compact design lacks advanced filtering
  • easy to use 
  • highway and city modes


  • Limited features
  • False alarms
  • Limited range
  • Limited updates
  • False alerts


All the devices contain their specific features. Companies provide the latest models with efficiency. But the latest models are equipped with the best things. Uniden dfr1 is equipped with some latest features as compared to the Cobra rad 380. But if you want affordable then you should go for Cobra Rad 380. No matter which laser radar detector you choose main thing is information. Hope so you get enough information about these two devices. Thanks for reading this article and best of luck with the selection of amazing devices according to your needs. 

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