How to Use Cobra Rad 380 in 2023 ( Amazing Guide )

If you want to know about the usage process of the Cobra Rad 380 radar detector, then you will find your required information here. This article will provide detail guide about How to Use Cobra Rad 380. This information help you to know about features and steps for mounting and setting up 380 radar detector.

How to Use Cobra Rad 380

This will also provide you with information about radar detectors and the basic working mechanism of radar and laser detectors. After reading this article you will have enough information about the Cobra rad 380 radar detector. Let’s start this article with some basic introductory parts.

What Are Radar Laser Radar Detectors?

I am sure that after reading the words laser and radar, radio wave and laser concept spark in your mind. You are alright, these are the devices that can detect laser and radar detectors with the help of sensors present in their system.

They monitor the radar and laser situation and then alert you with visual and audio alerts. This is the basic device to provide you safety from the radar guns of police and provide you with a traffic ticket-free journey.

Cobra Rad 380 Radar Detector Review

Cobra rad 380 radar detector is a detector that is designed to provide alerts about high potential speed traps to the user. This device contains high-sensitivity antennas to detect the traps that are used by the agencies against speed.

It specializes in detector features and is equipped with customized features according to the customer’s needs. It contains a display system that is easy to read and contains numeric signals with good strength.

In addition to detecting the laser and radar signals many more extraordinary features it contains such as false alert filters; auto sensitivity etc. more extraordinary things will be clear to you through its amazing features.

Features Of Cobra Rad 380

Every product is distinguished from other kinds of products through its features. The fantastic features of the Cobra Rad 380 radar detector are as follows.

  • Radar laser protection (detect all kinds of laser and radar signals)
  • Laser eye (detects laser signals from the sides of the vehicle)
  • Anti falsing facility (automatically reduce false alerts)
  • Second-generation IV filters (automatically select the prioritize alerts)
  • City and highway modes (city and highway modes regard to sensitivity available)
  • 7-segment color display (easily readable color display for visual signals)
  • Auto mute (ability to mute automatically)
  • Audible signal strength level (signals with good strength of audibility)
  • Power cord
  • Windshield and dashboard mount available

Product Service and Support System

Cobra provides the best product services and support system for its products. For any questions related to installation and inquiry, you can call Cobra instead of returning the product to the retailer shop. You can connect to Cobra through their official website or their official contact number. You just must follow the instructions provided by the cobra.

How to Use Cobra Rad 380

Now it’s time to start the article about the using guide. But first of all, let’s talk about what things you get when you buy a Cobra Rad 380.

  • 12 v power cord
  • Windshield mount with suction cups
  • Hooks and loops are available for the dashboard mounting.
  • Quick start guide

These are the accessories that are available in the box of the Cobra Rad 380 radar detector. Now let’s talk about how to use 380. First of all, you need to mount Cobra Rad 380 into your vehicle. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to mount Cobra Rad I will also add a detailed guide on it check it out.

After mounting you need to power on this device. To power on you need to plug in the power cord into the detector. Then attach the end to your vehicle’s 12v power outlet. Then press the power on button to power on your radar detector.

Understand Alerts and setup Sensitivity

Cobra rad 380 detects multiple signals like laser signals, X-band, K-band, and ka-band. This detector almost detects all types of frequency that are used in law enforcement. So don’t worry it will provide you alerts about radars.

But for detecting the reader you need to set sensitivity. If you set your sensitivity high then there are a lot of chances. I will provide you with false alerts. So before setting any sensitivity analyze and experiment on it. That will lead you to the best sensitivity setting for you.

After the experiment, you find the best setting for you. Then if you find any alert slow down your vehicle. That saves you from the police. But I already said Cobra Rad provides you with false alerts. So it’s better to slow down on any alert. But if you see this is a false alert, Then you can mark it as a false alert on GPS.

Because like other cobra rad comes with an Inbuilt GPS Feature. That allows you to mark any location on the map. But please remember it’s not the best option for driving. The best option learn traffic laws and driver safety.

Optional Accessories for cobra rad 380 radar detector

There are some optional accessories available for Cobra 380 radar detectors. These accessories you can buy for your radar detector. These are as follows:

  • Coiled 12v power cord (including plug and fuse)
  • USB cord (plug and USB output)
  • Dual port power adaptor (adjustable plug and fuse)
  • Hardwire cord for radar
  • Install mount (3m dual lock).

These are the extra accessories other than the accessories present in the box of Cobra Rad 380 radar detectors. These are the optional accessories. If you need you can buy these accessories, otherwise you can skip these accessories.

Installation Process

Now i will start the installation process, That help you to mount your Cobra rad into your vehicle windshield or dashboard.

Where To Mount or Setting Up Your Cobra Rad Detector

The best place to mount or set up your radar detector is where the view is clear. There should be no hurdle. The angle is parallel to the road surface so that the view will be clear. Mounting and setting up can be done in two main ways. These are as follows:

  • Mounting on the windshield with the help of suction cups
  • Mounting on the dashboard with the help of hook and loop

Mounting On the Windshield of your Vehicle

  • The place between the passenger and driver where the view is clear is best for mounting or setting up your radar detector. There are no hurdles present in the line of view. The clear view will enhance the working procedure and sensitivity of radar detectors and fewer false alerts will you received.
  • Firstly, Attach the rubber suction cups with the bracket and firmly attach these to the windshield of your vehicle.
  • Now it’s time to Attach the detector with the bracket and plug in a smart power cord to the detector.
  • Then attach large end of the cord attaches to the lighter of the vehicle to turn on the device.

The Cobra Rad 380 radar detector will automatically turn on and start its processing cycle according to its set processing system.

Mounting On the Dashboard of your Vehicle

The procedure for mounting of Cobra rad 380 radar detector on the dashboard is done as follows:

  •  The procedure of Mounting or setting up of the Cobra Rad 380 radar detector on the dashboard is done on the dashboard of the vehicle same as we have done on the vehicle’s windshield.
  •  We will use hook and loop tape to attach the Cobra Trad 380 device to the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • The angle will be adjusted according to your needs and according to the surface of the road.

Plug the power cord into the detector and on the lighter of the vehicle and it causes the turning on of your Cobra Rad 380 radar detector.

This was all about the mounting and setting up procedure of the Cobra Rad 380 radar detector.


Overall, the Cobra Rad 380 radar detector is a reliable and environment-friendly radar detector. It is the best investment in the detector for safety and the best journey. Hope so this article will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading this article and best wishes for the life journey.


In Some Counties and cities its illegal to use laser radar detector. So please check you law, then after that buy it. In this website we will only provide information’s about laser radar detector. We do not promote any type of illegal activities.

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