Uniden R7 Vs Uniden R8: Which one is Best

Comparing is the best way to get the final result that helps you to buy anything. If you want to buy a Radar detector. But you are confused about which one is best for you R7 or R8. Then don’t worry in this article I am writing a detailed guide about uniden r7 vs uniden r8. 

Uniden R7 Vs Uniden R8

After reading this article you will have enough information about these two radar detectors. Because Here we are discussing the features of these detectors, reviewing their pros and cons, and many more things about Uniden r7 and Uniden r8 laser radar detectors. 

That will help you to find the best version for yourself. You can also be able to share your personal choice with someone else. These two radar detectors are the best versions of laser radar detectors launched by the famous company Uniden.

What are Laser Radar Detectors

The working system of laser radar detectors works on the basic principle of detection. These devices are well-designed with the main basic sensors. These sensors receive signals and then process these signals. After processing they send alerts to warn the user about threats present in the surrounding environment.

In the market, you will find a lot of laser radar detectors. That helps you to save your money from the police over speeding tickets. If you are a car lover then this will help you. But be sure laser radar detectors are legal in your area. 

Because in some countries and in some areas the use of radar detectors is illegal. So before buying it just check the laws and regulations in your area. That will help you to save from any illegal activities. 

Uniden R7 Vs Uniden R8

This comparison will help you to choose the best one for you. But before buying any one first you need to know some basic features if your device has. Then that one is the best choice for you. 

Uniden R7 review 

Uniden is the best device based on customer reviews and its features. It provides you with a lot of features GPS, dual antennas, long-range detection, etc. The best feature that Uniden R7 has that I like is long-range detection. Because it will give you some time to settle down your speed. 

The secound feature that I like most about this device is the red and green light and camera information. Uniden R7 comes with inbuilt information about these things. That helps you to check the location of cameras and lights in advance. 

 The Uniden R7 is amazing in its features. It has an amazing camera system that helps to capture amazing videos and detect the perfect view. Each device has an amazing signature feature, and this device has the feature of a camera. Its features beat the level of many expensive devices.

Features of Uniden R7

Now its time to check the features of Uniden R7 that make it unique. 

  • Super extreme range laser radar detector 
  • Alert priority 
  • Dual antennas 
  • Display laser direction
  • Voice alerts 
  • Radar frequency display system
  • GPS for different signals 
  • Easily readable display system
  • User mark set available.
  • Advanced band filters
  • Display signal strength and provide voltage notification.
  • Extreme speed warning system
  • Auto dim
  • Auto mute while it’s needed. 
  • Auto mute volume levels 
  • Different band displays are distinguishable.
  • Ka frequency voice alert

Super Extreme Range Laser Radar Detector: It can cover the long range of detection of radar and laser area.

Alert Priority: It gives priority to important signals and provides alerts about the important ones.

Dual Antennas: Dual Antennas are present to detect the proper signaling of radar and laser signals.

Display Laser Direction: It can show the laser direction with the help of arrows.

Radar Frequency Display System: It can display the radar frequency on the screen.

Advanced Band Filters: Advanced band filters are available in the device to filter the important bands.

Extreme Speed Warning System: It has an extreme warning system that sends alerts fast.

Auto Mute While It’s Needed: There is an auto mute system present that automatically when it’s needed.

Auto Mute Volume Levels: It can automatically mute the volume of the device to provide comfort to the user.

Pros and cons 


  • Bluetooth connectivity of the device
  • Community-shared information
  • Adjustable sensitivity of cobra device
  • Dual language
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks location lockouts
  • Sensitivity adjustment  
  • Some time Fake Alerts

These pros and cons easily give you the information about this product. So you can easily find the advantages and disadvantages of uniden R7. Now its time to review the secound detector and that’s is uniden R8. 

Uniden R8 review 

The Uniden r8 laser radar detector is amazing in features according to sensitivity. it has a long range of detection of laser and radar rays present in the surroundings. It is the best investment for a personal vehicle. It has a multi-color display that is easily readable at night. It is amazing due to its specificity.

Features of Uniden R8

The explainable features of the Uniden R8 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Dual antenna to provide direction. 
  • Gps technology
  • Auto mute memory
  • Red light and speed camera alerts
  • Large multi-color display
  • Advanced false alerting filters
  • Extreme long-range laser detection
  • Extreme long-range radar detection
  • Selectivity
  • Sensitivity
  • All your requirements 

Dual Antenna to Provide Direction: A dual antenna system is present in the device to provide the proper signaling and fast alerts for the user.

GPS Technology: GPS technology is present in the system to facilitate the user about the marking system.

Auto Mute Memory: It has an amazing memory for the muting system. It automatically mutes when it’s needed.

Red Light and Speed Camera Alerts: Red light and speed camera alerts are available that provide on-time warnings to the user.

Large Multi-Color Display: A large multi-color display system is present that provides displaying units in multiple colors.

Advanced False Alerting Filters: Advanced false alerting filters are present that prevent the device from false alerting of signals.

Extreme Long-Range Laser Detection: It provides extreme long-range detection of laser rays extracted by police guns mostly.

Extreme Long-Range Radar Detection: Extreme long-range detection of radar signals is present to warn about their presence.

Selectivity and sensitivity: It is famous for its selectivity and sensitivity and provides on-time alerts.

All Your Requirements: All the basic requirements are present in the system. You can use or set these requirements according to your needs.

Pros and cons 


  • Radar and laser detection
  • GPS technology
  • Voice alerts and sensitivity
  • Advanced filtering 


  • False alerts sometimes
  • Cost 
  • Maintenance


Every product has its signature popularity. Both these radar detectors have their specifications. These specifications make these devices unbeatable. Uniden r7 is well famous for its camera system and Uniden r8 is well famous for its sensitivity.

The effectivity changes according to the requirement. It varies as the requirements change with time. No matter which one you choose for yourself. The basic important thing is the knowledge that you gain from these words. Thanks for reading the article and best of luck for your journey along with your extreme ability-containing devices.

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