How to Use Uniden R8 in 2023 ( Latest Guide )

I know you recently bought a uniden R8 but you need information, about how to set up and use it. Don’t worry in this article I will share with you a detailed Guide about How to use uniden R8. That helps you to set up and use it. 

How to Use Uniden R8

Marketplaces are changing day by day. New products are introduced on the market by different companies. They try to compete and try to win fame in the market. Uniden is well known for the manufacturing of radar detectors. 

Uniden r8 is one of the most famous radar detectors launched by the Uniden company. In this article, we will discuss the Uniden R8 laser radar detector. We will discuss features, pros, cons, usage mounting procedure, and many more things about Uniden r8 radar detectors. After reading this article you will have enough information about the Uniden r8 model launched by Uniden.

What are laser radar detectors? 

Laser radar detectors are advanced devices that provide protection against laser and radar signals. That helps you to save your money from police over speeding tickets. These are manufactured to warn the user about the presence of police radar guns that are present in the surroundings. 

These devices work on the base of the sensing system present in the detectors. These sensors detect the signals and process these signals. then these provide alerts to the user to aware them of the threat.

Uniden R8 detector Review 

The Uniden R8 is the best radar detector on the market right now. To have a Uniden R8 radar detector in the car is fun. This radar detector beat the level of all other amazing branded radar detectors on the market. This is somewhat expensive, but this radar detector is worth its price. My personal recommendation of buying this radar detector is not wrong. This is equipped with amazing features.

Features of Uniden R8

The expensive features of an expensive and elegant laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Dual antenna to provide direction. 
  • Gps technology
  • Auto mute memory
  • Red light and speed camera alerts
  • Large multi-color display
  • Advanced false alerting filters
  • Extreme long-range laser detection
  • Extreme long-range radar detection
  • Selectivity
  • Sensitivity
  • All your requirements 

Pros and cons 

Pros and cons of the Uniden r8 laser radar detector are as follows:


  • Radar and laser detection
  • GPS technology
  • Voice alerts and sensitivity
  • Advanced filtering


  • False alerts sometimes
  • Maintenance  

What’s in the box of Uniden R8

The things that are present in the box of the uniden R8 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Radar detector 
  • Single and Double Window Mount Brackets
  • Zipper Carrying Case of the detector.
  • Neoprene Case
  • Tape
  • Smart Power Cord
  • Data Cable of detector
  • Manual

How to use Uniden R8

The setting of the Uniden r8 radar detector is straightforward, but the step-wise procedure is very important to follow. First, turn on the Uniden r8 radar detector to power the radar detector.

Set the programming of your Uniden radar detector. Select the language that you want in your laser radar detector. Now it’s time to select the date and time to display on the screen. select units that you want to display on the screen.


Select the sensitivity level of your laser radar detector. Select the city and highway modes of the radar detector. Depending upon the requirement of your travel you will select the modes of your radar detector. Adjust the sensitivity according to different bands. 

GPS settings 

Now it’s time to set the GPS setting of the laser radar detector. Set the marking system, lockouts, and all the settings related to GPS according to your needs.

Display settings 

Set the display system according to your needs. This includes all the things that you want to see on your screen. Brightness, voice alerts, and volume these all things that must be displayed on the screen of the laser radar detector.


Testing is done after all the settings. You can choose the selected setting by pressing the menu button for some time. You can test your settings and change these according to need.

The mounting procedure of Uniden R8

The mounting procedure can be done before setting all the settings or after the setting. Its mounting depends upon you.

Mounting can be done by two methods. These two methods are as follows:

  • Windshield mounting 
  • Dashboard mounting 

Windshield mounting 

The steps in the windshield mounting are as follows:

  1. rubber cups and the windshield on which you are going to set up your detector are clean for the view without hurdles.
  2. Push the bracket firmly on the windshield of your vehicle. 
  3. Now Attach the detector with the bracket carefully. sure, that the detector is Parallel To The Road Surface So That It Can Detect Maximum Strength And be able to provide maximum sensitivity with correct alerts.
  4. If it is necessary to adjust the angle, then rotate or press the bracket carefully to change the direction according to your needs.
  5. Plug on the radar detector and it will start working.

Dashboard mounting 

The steps for dashboard mounting are as follows:

  1. Place the uniden R8 radar detector on the dashboard to know which position is best and it maintains a clear view parallel to the road surface so that I can detect well.
  2. Remove the paper from one side of the hook and loop the fastener to attach the radar detector.
  3. Attach the pad to the dashboard at your chosen location and remove the paper from the other side of the pad.
  4. Attach the detector to the hoop and loop fastener.
  5. Plug the smart power cord into the detector.
  6. Plug your cigarette lighter adapter on the power cord into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter to power the Uniden R8 radar detector. 

Is Uniden R8 Radar Detector Legal?

The answer is that legality depends upon the state in which you are living. In some countries to use radar detectors is legal and in some countries these are illegal. You must follow the rules of your state and obey the laws as a pure countryman.


The choice of Uniden R8 radar detector is the best choice for your personal use. No doubt the price is high, but it has amazing features.It is the best investment for your vehicle. Hope you get enough information about the uniden R8 radar detector. Thanks for reading the article and taking an interest.


In some countries and states, The use of laser radar detectors is illegal. SO Before buying it must check the laws and regulations. We don’t promote any illegal activities we just provide you with information. 

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