How to use Maxcam 360c in 2023

If you have a Maxcam 360c and you don’t know the setup and usage. Then don’t worry in this article I will share with you a detailed guide about how to use maxcam 360c. After this article, you will be able to use this product easily.  

How to use maxcam 360c

We don’t only focus on the usage and setup of this product. Also, we will cover the review, features, pros, and cons of this product. That provides you with an idea about your investment. 

Maxcam 360c is one of the top products in terms of radar protection. Because it has a lot of features like a great range of detection, 360 protection, shared alerts, incident reports, dual band wifi, and many more. 

So first of all let’s start with the review of maxcam 360c. 

Maxcam 360c Review 

Maxcam 360c is the top-rated device but if you have a high budget and you need a device. That will help you to provide accurate alerts. Which saves you from overspeeding tickets. Then this is the best device for you. 

Because the provide you maxcam 360c is $699. I know this is experience but with this provided tag you will get a lot of features. That helps you to accurately track the radar and laser signals that come from police or law enforcement. 

The feature that is highlighted is long-range 360 detection. Which helps you to detect the signals from the rear and front of the vehicle at a long distance. This is a feature like in the radar detectors because this will provide you time to slow down your speed. 

With Long distance, maxcam 360c provides you with great accuracy. Because it has an advanced IVT system that filters the alerts and provides you with true alerts. The best part of this device is it comes with a dashcam. 

That provides you with QHD video which saves in your device. Because maxcam 360c comes with 16 GB storage that stores your videos. I think This is enough review of this product. Now iam adding the features of this product one by one. 

Features of Maxcam 360c 

There are a lot of features of this product that iam sharing with you. Which help you to understand more about this product. If you already know about this product then skip this part and move on to the how to use maxcam 360c section. 

  1. 360-degree protection
  2. Long range detection 
  3. GPS with auto-learn 
  4. Emergency Mayday alert
  5. Incident report
  6. Parking mode feature
  7. QHD Video recording 
  8. Outstanding accuracy with Advanced IVT system 
  9. Intelligent speed sensitivity 
  10. Custom configuration
  11. Defender Database 
  12. Escort LiveApp

Pros and Cons 


  • Long range detection 
  • 360-degree protection 
  • Auto-learn GPS system 
  • Custom configuration 
  • IVt filter 
  • Dash Camera
  • Directional Alerts


  • Price
  • Initial Learning stage
  • Limited Angles for dashcam 

How to use Maxcam 360c

Now it’s time to provide you with the details about how you can set up and use this device. In terms of setting and usage, you need to follow some steps. That will help you to easily set up and use the maxcam 360c device.


The first step is to make sure you have all the components after unboxing. With the device, you get some extra components like a suction cup mount, a 12-volt SmartCord USB, and your device.


After unboxing the secound step that you need to follow is mounting. For this first, you need to choose the ideal location for your device. You have two options for mounting the windshield and dashboard. 

But the best place is the windshield because a higher location will provide a clear view of the road. Which means your device will work properly without view blocking. After selecting the location attach the suction cups to the mount and attach it to the windshield. Lastly, add the device to the mounting. 

Power on and setup it

For powering you will need to attach the power cord to the radar detector. After this connect the other end to the smart cord into the vehicle’s power outlet. After this setup when you give the power to the device. The screen of maxcam 360c will light up. 

After lighting up the screen follow the instructions and set up the device language, time zone, and other preferences. After setting up your device, The next step is to download the Driver Smarter app on your device. 

After installing follow the instructions, make account and then connect you device with your mobile. After the application find the dashcam setting and adjust it with your preference. 

After these settings, your device is ready to use. For use, you just need to give the power to this device through your vehicle and your device will start working. 


I hope you get the answer you want. But before you start using this device. I want to tell you something, radar detectors are made for building healthy driving skills. So it’s considerable to use the device legally. 

Also before using any radar detectors must learn the laws and regulations. Because in some country and in some areas the use of this device is illegal. So when you check the laws and regulations if you find the use of radar detectors is legal in your area then use it legally.

Now it’s time to wrap up the article, I hope you get your answer see you in the next article. 

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