How to use Cobra Rad 700i in 2023

I know you have a Cobra Rad 700i and don’t know how to set up and use it. Then don’t worry in this article I will provide you with a detailed guide about How to use Cobra Rad 700i. This will help you to use and set up this device easily. 

How to use Cobra Rad 700i

With setup and use we also discuss the overview, features, pros, and cons of 700i. Which will provide you with more clarity about your product. If you already buy it then this article will tell you if is it worth the investment or not. 

And if you don’t have a Cobra Rad 700i right now, then this will help you understand. Does Cobra 700i fulfill your requirements? But be careful because the use of radar detectors is illegal in some areas and countries. 

So before buying any device first check the laws and regulations. If you find the use of radar detectors is legal in your area. Then buy and use it. Radar detectors are the devices that are used to detect the signals of radar and lasers that come from police or law enforcement. 

And if your device has long-distance tracking, then you have time to slow down your car on time. Which saves you from over-speeding tickets. I think you understand now it’s time to start the review of 700i. 

Cobra rad 700i Review

If you want a device on a budget with great features. This is the best device for you Because the Cobra Rad 700i has a lot of incredible features like long-range detection, auto-learn intelligence, an advanced IVT System, and many more. 

The Cobra Rad 700i has all the basic features that I prefer. The first feature that I like is long-range detection, Which makes this device detect the signals coming from police and law enforcement from a distance. 

Which provides you a time enough time to slow down your vehicle on time. The second feature that must have is GPS. Because GPS allows you to mark the location and also provides you with preloaded data.

Which help your device to give alert on time. The best part Cobra Rad 700i has a GPS with an auto-learn feature That’s incredible. Because the auto-learn feature learns the all false alerts that you get and automatically provides you with information about that location. Where do you get the false alerts? 

In short, the Cobra Rad 700i has great features but also it has some disadvantages. Like some time it provides you with false alerts. I think it the considerable because the price of this device is decent. And the features you get are the premium features. But if you have a high budget then there are a lot of other devices in the market with great features. 

Features of Cobra Rad 700i 

Now after review, I am telling you the features of the Cobra Rad 700i. It has a lot of features that I will explain to you one by one. 

Laser and Radar Detection: Cobra Rad 700i has both laser and radar detection features that allow you to track the signals from the rear and back of your vehicle. It has the ability to track radar ( X, K, and KA ) bands as well as laser singles. 

Advanced IVT system with auto learns: Sometimes radar detectors provide you with false alerts. So the IVT system filters the false alert and provides you with accurate alerts and the auto-learn system learns with time. When it has enough data it will provide you with information about alerts on time. 

GPS: This will allow you to mark the location on the map. Which tells you where you get the false alerts. 

Driver Smarter App: pairing with Driver Smarter app provide you with information on traffic condition and updates about alerts. 

These are the features that Cobra Rad 700i has. I hope this will help you to provide the information about this device. 

Pros And Cons


  • Effective radar and laser detection.
  • Advanced filtering to reduce false alerts.
  • Front and rear detection range.
  • Easy installation with magnetic mount.
  • Clear display and user-friendly interface.
  • Integration with the Cobra Drive Smarter app.
  • Competitive Pricing


  • Potential for false alerts.
  • App usage may drain the smartphone battery.
  • Occasional false alerts without law enforcement presence

How to use Cobra rad 700i

For the setup of the Cobra Rad 700i, you need to follow some steps that iam sharing with you. 

Unboxing: When you buy it the first step is to unbox it and make sure you get the essential components like a device, power cord, mount, and suction cups.

Mounting: After unboxing the next step is to mount the device. For mounting first choose the suitable area for mounting. You have two options for mounting, windshield and dashboard. But in my experience, the Windshield is the best place for mounting. It’s easy to mount the Cobra Rad 700i because it comes with a magnet. That will attach easily to the windshield. 

Power on and setup: After mounting you need to power on the device. For that, you need to insert the power cord on your device and the end of the cord attach to your vehicle’s 12V power outlet. Then after power, it will turn on automatically. 

Understand Display & Alerts: After turning them on you need to understand the signals and information that are displayed on the screen. Also, it comes with both visual and voice alerts. So be attentive to understand the signals band and alert voice. Because it will provide you with different voices on different alerts. 

Adjusting sensitivity: Now it’s time to set the sensitivity of your device. It has a city and highway mode which help you to travel in cities and highway on different sensitivities. Because in the city you need to minimize your sensitivity to get the best results. 

Driving smarter app setup: After these basic settings you need to set up your device app. Download the app on your device from the app store and pair it with your device through Bluetooth. Which provides you with time alerts and the latest updates. 

These are the basic setup and usage settings. So after these settings, your device is ready to use. 


Cobra Rad 700i has a lot of features that allow you to drive safely on the road. But also the 700i has a disadvantage, but that’s a miner in short if you buy this device. Then you have doing great investment. Because this device has a great feature that you get at a low price. 

I hope you like this article and get the information that you want. Now it’s time to wrap up the article thanks for reading it.

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