Cobra rad 480i vs 350 ( New & Full Guide )

If you have decided to buy a radar detector. But right now you are confused about products. Which one is the best Cobra Rad 480i or 350. So don’t worry in this article I will share with you a detailed guide about Cobra Rad 480i vs 350. 

Cobra rad 480i vs 350

This helps you to choose the best one for you, which fulfills your requirements. Both devices are amazing in their price tags. But which one is best for you? It depends on your requirements. 

This article will help you to choose the best one for you. Because we will discuss features, reviews, pros, cons, and many more things about Cobra Rad 350 and Cobra Rad 480i radar detectors. 

So before I start the main reviews about products. I am giving you some information that also help you. But if you don’t want to read it then skip it and read the review about products.

What are Radar detectors

Radar detectors are the best detecting devices, that are built to provide full favor to human beings. These radar detectors are illegal in some countries and in some cities but in some countries, they have full freedom of use. So before buying must check the laws and regulations.

Radar detectors help you receive signals from police radar or other speed-detecting devices. After receiving singles it will send you an alert. That helps you to avoid speeding and overspeeding tickets.

But it does not mean you will drive unsafely. The main purpose of these devices is to build healthy driving habits. So before speeding check the laws and regulations. Because overspeeding is not good for you, especially for others. So it’s better to avoid the overspeeding on public roads.   

These devices have a lot of features Also the working system of radar detectors is very efficient in providing on-time alerts. The sensitivity of detectors provides fast alerts. 

But before setting any sensitivity I recommend you try and set the multiple sensitivities setting. Because high sensitivities increase the chances of false alerts. So after trial and testing you will find the best sensitivity setting. Which helps you to provide alerts which help you.

That’s it now it’s time to start the main reviews about these products.

Cobra rad 480i vs 350

Both devices have their own unique features. That we discuss in this article later on. I will recommend you before choosing any device. Must check some of these requirements. Because these will help you to pick the best one for you. 

Detection Range & Alerts Accuracy

The most important thing that you need to consider in your radar detectors is the detection range. Because if you choose a radar detector that has a long then you can easily get alerts from a distance from the police radar. Which gives you more time to set the speed of your vehicle. 

But long distances increase the chances of false alerts. So alert accuracy is the secound thing that you need to be sure of. Because it does not make sense to a device without proper accuracy. 

But don’t worry about it because if you choose the latest devices. Then it comes with an inbuilt filtering mechanism. Which makes sure the device sends more accurate alerts to you. 

Type of Alerts

The secound thing is the Alerts that you get. Some devices provide you with voice alerts, Some of them come with Visual alerts and some of the devices come with mobile connectivity features.

But it’s your preference which one you choose. Because every type of device has its unique use. But in my terms, you need to invest money in voice alert. Because some of this will help you to get voice alerts easily if you have a focus on road. But the drawback is some of false alerts or the repeating voice maybe makes you irritate. 

It’s my personal preference so before buying any type. Must check the pros and cons of every type. 

GPS and community sharing

Some radar detectors come with a GPS feature. That helps you by providing more accurate alerts. Also, your radar detector has GPS features that you can easily store any location also mark it. 

For example, you will get a false alert on any location. Then you can make it a false alert. So second time when you cross that road again. You will easily understand, here if you find any alert, it’s a false alert. 

With GPS if your device has a community sharing opinion. Then it’s an amazing product for you. Because it will allow you to get updates from different drives about the situation of any road. This will help you to drive carefully while crossing that road. 

These are some most important features that I think you need to consider before buying any radar detector. Now it’s time to start the reviews about the products. 

Cobra Rad 350 Review

The first product that I reviewed in this article is Cobra Rad 350. That has a lot of amazing features, which help you to get alerts from the police. They use radars or laser guns to detect vehicles with overspeeding. Cobra Rad 350i is the best radar detector on the base of its features.

After reading the customer reviews and getting information from different sources. I will tell you which feature of this product will work properly and which one is not. Cobra Rad 350 has a lot of features like an IVT Filter, Both ( Front and rear ) detection systems, multiple singles detecting options, and Every high voice system. 

The best feature of this device is the IVT filter because some radar detectors provide you with false alerts. So this feature will help you to filter the alerts. This will provide you most accurate results. 

Cobra rad 350i radar detector contains full service and customer support. Also, the Cobra Rad 350 contains city and highway modes, auto alarming, and an amazing display system. In short, all the features that I will tell you provide you with a great driving experience. While driving a vehicle alone, especially in the night. 

Now let’s see the features of the Cobra Rad 350. 

Features of Cobra Rad 350

The features that make this radar detector different from all other radar detectors are as follows:

  • Radar detection
  • Laser detection 
  • Display system 
  • Sensitivity modes 
  • Auto mute
  • City and highway modes 
  • Auto alerting system 
  • Customization 
  • Visual alerts 
  • All available you need.

Radar & Laser Detection: Cobra rad is one of the best devices that comes with both detection systems. Cobra Rad 350 can easily detect laser and radar signals coming from police devices. Also Cobra Rad provides you with signles from 2 miles. Which makes it the best device in terms of distance. 

Display System: If you are a lover of screen then Cobra Rad 350 comes with a display screen. The display screen of this detector is amazing. It will provide you clear visual at night, which is the best facility provided by the detector.

Sensitivity Modes The sensitivity of the radar detector determines the speed of alert receiving. But if your device has a distant detecting system. Then it increases the chance of false alert. So before setting any sensitivity level try and test multiple frequencies. and When you find the best one for you. Adjust your device on it. 

City And Highway Modes: Cobra rad 350 comes with Both the modes city and highway modes are present in the device. We can change according to our choice.

Auto Alerting System: Auto alarm of the device aware when any signal is received by the device.

Customization: Customization is available. You can customize features according to your needs and requirements. 

Visual Alerts: When we don’t want voice alerts, visual alerts help us to know about different signals. Different types of visual alerts are provided by the device.

All Available You Need

All the basic necessary things are available on the device. It provided the full facility to its users.

Pros and cons 

The pros and cons of Cobra Rad 350i are as follows:


  • False alert detection 
  • 360 detection Protection 
  • Multiple signals detection
  • Voice mode
  • User-friendly and budget-friendly


  • Additional app cost 
  • Compatibility and Bluetooth issues
  • Some time provide you with false alerts

These are the pros and cons of the Cobra Rad 350. It will help you to understand if this product fulfills your requirements. That’s for it now it’s time to start the next review.  

Cobra Rad 480i Review 

Cobra Rad 480i is the top-line product of Cobra company. It is the upgraded version of the Cobra brand lineup. But 480i is less demanding as compared to the other detectors. But Cobra Rad 480i is one of the best products. 

Because it has a lot of features like laser eye, upgradeable IVT system, long-range detection, and early detection. 

These features make the Cobra Rad 480i one of the best investments. But also like other products it has pros and cons. So with features, we also focus on the pros and cons of this product. That helps you to understand if this one is the best or not. 

With these features, Cobra Rad 480i will provide you with a display system with an amazing voice alerting system, sensitivity, and selectivity. It has full customer support that also a helpful feature.

It is the best line investment to buy a low-price detector with amazing features for a personal vehicle.

Features of Cobra Rad 480i

The describable features of the Cobra rad 480i laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Laser eye
  • Radar detection
  • The white OLED display system
  • Second-generation iv filter
  • Voice alert 
  • Dual language
  • Muting or dim system
  • Auto mute
  • Sensitivity mode
  • User updates
  • I radar app.
  • Selectivity mode
  • Windshield or dashboard mounting is available.
  • All you need for safety. 

Laser Eye: The laser eye detects the laser rays in the surroundings and alerts at a very fast speed.

Radar Detection: The detection of radar rays in the surroundings is the main feature of radar detectors.

The White OLED Display System: The display screen is amazing to facilitate with all the visual aids.

Second-Generation IVT Filter: The filter can choose the best signal that is needed by the user.

Voice Alert: A voice alerting system is present to provide alerts related to different signals. Specific tunes are used for this system.

Dual Language: Two language facilities are present in the device. This facility is important for this device.

Sensitivity Mode: Sensitivity mode for the signaling of fast alerts is present in this radar detector.

I Radar App: The app is available for wireless connection to the device.

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of the Cobra Rad 480i radar detector are as follows:


  • Long range detection 
  • Upgrade version of IVT Fillter
  • Dual Language 
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to navigate 


  • Sometimes provide False Alerts from the X and K band 
  • Some compatibility issues


No doubt both radar detectors have amazing features that make them different. But with my experience and knowledge Cobra Rad 480i is the best device. Because it has an advanced IVT system as compared to the Cobra Rad 350.  

Also, Cobra Rad 480i gives you the ability to connect this device to your smartphone through the Iradar app. But if you have a $150 dollar then I will highly recommend you to buy Cobra Rad 480i because it is the overall best laser radar detector. 

But if you don’t have a much budget then go for Cobra Rad 350. Yes, Cobra Rad 350 has not upgradable features. But it’s the best budget investment. Now it’s up to you because it’s my personal choice. So before buying check your preference and choose the best one for you. That’s fit and fulfills your requirements.  

That’s for it now it’s time to wrap up the article, I hope this information helps you to find the best device for yourself. Thanks for reading it. 

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