Cobra Rad 380 Vs 450: Which is best for you

If you want to buy a radar detector and you are confused about 380 and 450. Then in this article, I will clear your confusion, here I am providing you with a detailed guide about Cobra Rad 380 Vs 450. That helps you to choose the best one for you.

Cobra company is a well-known company because of its laser radar detectors. There is a long range of laser radar detectors launched by Cobra company. When we know about a well-known company, we want to choose the best product of that company. 

Cobra Rad 380 Vs 450

To solve the confusion, we just do a comparison between products. In this article, we will help you to compare two well-known laser radar detectors by Cobra company. 

We will describe different features, reviews, pros, cons, and amazing things about Cobra Rad 380 and Cobra Rad 450 laser radar detectors. After reading this article you will be able to find different things about cobra rad 380 and cobra rad 450 laser radar detectors.

Working System of Laser Radar Detectors

The device is recognized by the working system present in the device. Laser radar detectors contain incredible sensors in their body. These sensors work collectively to detect the laser radar presence in the surrounding area. 

These are basically designed to detect the laser and radar rays emitted by the police guns. These devices have amazing performance and detect signals in a short time. These are used to save money for users from traffic tickets. They are so efficient in their work.

Cobra Rad 380 Vs 450

Cobra Rad 380 Review

The Cobra rad 380 laser radar detector is an amazing device by Cobra company. Cobra rad 380 laser radar detector fully appreciated the expectations of users. It is an unbelievably amazing device. It has long-range detection. 

It has full customer service and support. It is a simple device without any fancy bells. It fulfills the requirements of basic users. It is completely worth its price. In short, it is a superb product by Cobra company.

Features of Cobra Rad 380

The explainable features of the Cobra rad 380 laser radar detector are as follows: 

  • Radar laser protection 
  • Laser eye 
  • Anti falsing facility 
  • Second-generation IV filters
  • City and highway modes
  • 7-segment color display
  • Auto mute
  • Audible signal strength level
  • Power cord
  • Windshield and dashboard mount available

Radar laser protection: Radar laser protection is available in the device. It detects on-time signals and alerts the user to be aware of the threat present in the surrounding areas. The police gun presence was suddenly detected by the device.

Laser eye: Laser eye is available to detect the laser rays present in the surrounding environment. The laser rays are emitted by various devices present in the surroundings.

Anti-falsing facility: It has an anti-falsing ability to reduce the false alerts received by the device. It fully supports sensible alerts.

Second-generation IV filters: The filters are present in the device that selects the important alerts and sends them to the user. The alerts that are not important are skipped by the device.

City and highway modes: City and highway modes are available in the device. You can select the city or highway mode according to your needs. You can set it on your device.

7-segment color display: The color display system provides full support to the customer. It is an amazing view provider in the night light.

Auto mute: Auto mute ability is present in the device. You can set auto-mute in the device when you don’t need voice alerts. 

Audible signal strength level: Audible signal strength level is present in the device. You can set it according to your needs. 

Pros and cons 

The pros and cons of the Cobra rad 380 laser radar detector are as follows.


  • Speed monitoring
  • Avoidness from traffic tickets
  • Voice alerts
  • Improved safety
  • Advanced features


  • Limited effectiveness
  • Sometimes False Alerts

Cobra Rad 450 Review

The incredible Cobra rad 450 will be described by some basic parameters. This laser radar detector is amazing in features. It is wrong to say that it can compete for highly-priced laser radar detectors. But this device is recognized as one of the best products. It has fewer false signals.

It can still detect the signals when it is slowed down. It works effectively to provide full support to users. It covers all the bands that are present for the detection. The incredible display system makes it perfect for the user at night.

Features of Cobra Rad 450

The incredible features of the Cobra rad 450 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Laser radar protection 
  • Laser eye
  • Voice alert 
  • Quiet drive 
  • Anti falsing circuitry
  • Updateable filters 
  • sensitivity modes
  • selectivity modes
  • eye-catching display 
  • dual language 

Laser radar protection: Laser radar protection is the main feature of the device that enables it to detect the laser or radar rays present in the environment.

Voice alert: Voice alerts are available in a device that alerts the user about laser and radar signals. These voice alerts save time.

Quiet drive: You can choose quiet drive when passengers are with you. This will help you to provide visual alerts with no voice alerts. It is up to you to choose it or not 

Anti-falsing circuitry: Anti-falsing circuitry system available that reduces the false alerts. Some false alerts are present but the level is too low.

Updateable filters: Updateable filters are available in the device that filters important signals from unimportant signals. It facilitates to focus on important signals.

Dual language: Dual language is present in the device which enables it to convert itself into two languages. Users can select language according to their personal needs.

Pros and cons 

The pros and cons of the Cobra rad 450 radar detector are as follows.


  • Affordable range
  • Good detection
  • Voice alerts available
  • User friendly
  • Compact design


  • False alerts
  • Limited features
  • Limited connectivity
  • Noisy alerts
  • Updates   


Devices change with the passage of time. Cobra Rad 380 and Cobra Rad 450 are amazing devices in this range but they aren’t able to compete with high-priced devices.

There are many devices that are pro in their features. These are best and affordable but pro features are absent in these. If you have a craze for updated devices then you have to go towards updated ones. Thanks for reading the article and best of luck for choosing your favorite device. 


In some countries and areas, the use of radar detectors is illegal. So before buying anything must check the laws and regulations. If you find the use of radar detectors are legal, Then buy it and use it. We don’t promote any illegal activities We just provide you with information.

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