How to Use Uniden R3 Radar Detector ( Amazing Guide )

Is the Uniden R3 radar detector now within your reach? Did you purchase it recently and want to gather information about its usage, and setting up procedure. Now it’s time to say your best wishes as you are already at the correct place.

How to Use Uniden R3 Radar Detector

Here you will learn about the use and setting up procedure of your newly bought Uniden r3 radar detector. In this article, we will introduce you with some introduction of radar detectors, a description of Uniden r3, a review of this product, features, setting up procedures, and many more.

This article will provide all the necessary information about your newly bought product Uniden r3. This product is amazingly in demand and now you are the owner of this fantastic product.

What are Radar Detectors

The devices that are used in vehicles are used to protect you from threats and ensure your safety from police guns. These are the best technology ever to save a human being from extra charges. Their basic working procedure is according to the sensing devices.

The main sensors work in these devices to detect the radar and laser signals emitted from the police guns or radio waves emitting devices. The versions update from time to time according to the need and the working demand.

What is the Uniden R3 Radar Detector

Uniden r3 is the top radar detector with the latest and updated GPS technology. You can easily mark geographical points. Where you mostly encounter radar signals or the areas, where you mostly find police presence with radar signals.

Your detector will announce those points, before time to guide you about the presence of a threat and ensure your security by awaking you with the type of signal. The investment in Uniden r3 is the best investment for life-saving and money-saving. It is amazing with some amazing features. Now it’s time to introduce yourself to the amazing features of your Uniden r3 radar detector.

Features of Uniden R3

A device can just admire the latest and greatest features. The uniden r3 radar detector is also designed with the latest features. Let’s talk about some basic features of the Uniden R3 radar detector. these are as follows:

  • Extreme range detection ability (it can detect signals from vast areas)
  • Alert priority with distinguishedness (different customized tunes)
  • Quiet ride (muting ability on/off)
  • Notifications with voice
  • Radar frequency band display system
  • GPS for different situations (red light and radar areas)
  • Up to 500 lockouts of GPS
  • Easy-to-read display screen system is available.
  • Advances band filter ability
  • Displays signal strength of detectors and the battery of the vehicle remaining.
  • Speed warning system available
  • Delete the red light camera point.
  • Selectable alert tones for different signals
  • Mute automatic volume levels
  • Frequency voice alerts
  • Overspeed alerts are available.
  • Monitor systems (monitor and optimize overall system)

These are some basic features of the Uniden r3 unique radar detector. These are with the updated systems as compared to the other radar detectors. These features are helpful to know and understand the basic working system of a radar detector. after features it turns to know about the setting up or mounting procedure of the detector.

How to Use Uniden R3 Radar Detector

Now I will provide you with some steps that help you to mount your Uniden R3 radar detector in your car. So I think start with the things that you got with the box. The main things that were revealed after the unboxing of the new Uniden R3 radar detector are as follows:

  • R3 Radar Detector
  • 12 Dc Power Cord with Rj11 Connector
  • Windshield Mounting Bracket (1 Suction Cup)
  • Windshield Mounting Bracket (2 Suction Cups)
  • Hook And Loop Fastener Tape (Not Shown)

Basic Parts of Uniden R3

There are some basic parts of Uniden R3. These parts are as follows:

  • Power Key (Use to Turn R3 On and Off)
  • Vol + Key (Use to Turn Volume Loud)
  • Vol – Key (Use to Turn Volume Slow)
  • Menu (Access the Menu System of Device)
  • Mute/ Dim (Use to Mute the Device)
  • Mark (Mainly Use to Tag the Geographical Region For further processing)

Where To Mount Your Uniden R3 Device

The basic theme of this article is the mounting or setting up of your device. The mounting should be done, where the view is clear. The clearer the way the more efficiently a detector can work. It will send alerts fast and provide you security with amazing alerts. The setting up should be done on the middle view parallel to the surface of the road for clear display.

Uniden R3 Installation 

Mounting and setting up of your newly bought device Uniden r3 can be done in two main ways. These are as follows.

  • Mounting on the windshield (1 or 2-cup suction brackets work in this way)
  • Mounting on Dashboard (hook and loop tape included)

Mounting On Windshield

  • Choose the point between the passenger and driver where the view is clear, and no hurdles are present in the line of view. The clear view enhances the working sensitivity of radar detectors.
  • Attach the rubber suction cups with the bracket and firmly attach them to the windshield.
  • Attach the detector with the bracket and plug in a smart power cord to the detector.
  • The large end of the cord attaches to the lighter of the vehicle.
  • The device will automatically turn on and start its processing cycle according to its setting system. 

Mounting On Dashboard

  • Mounting on the dashboard is done on the vehicle’s dashboard like on the vehicle’s windshield.
  • Use hook and loop tape to attach your device to the dashboard of your car.
  • Adjust the angle according to your needs.
  • Plug the power cord into the detector and on the lighter of the vehicle and it causes the turning on of your device.


This article covers basic features, mode of working, mounting, or setting up, and many other aspects of radar detectors. This article is the full guideline for the usage of radar detectors. Hope this is the key source to provide you with your required information. Many best wishes for setting up your newly bought device. Thanks for reading this article.


Laser radar detectors are illegal in some countries. Some countries and some cities don’t allow you to mount a laser radar detector on your windshield or on the dashboard. You should first check the laws of your state and then do according to your needs and according to the law of your state. Every countryman should focus on his state laws respectfully and honestly. We only provide you with information that helps you. We don’t support illegal activities.

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