How to use Uniden DFR5 in 2023 ( Setup and Usage )

Uniden DFR5 is the best device in terms of price with the best features. If you have uniden DFR5 but don’t how you set up and use it. Don’t worry in this article I will share with you a detailed guide about how to use uniden DFR5. 

How to use Uniden DFR5

We will cover all aspects of this product, Like what is uniden DFR5, how to set up it, and how to use it. After this article, you are able to set up this device on your own.

Also, you will easily use it.  Uniden is one of the best companies that provide the best laser radar detectors. Uniden Has laser radar detectors based on price. You will get all types of uniden laser radar detectors. 

So don’t worry if you buy this product. Then you already made a good decision. Before we start the main section of this blog. Let’s talk about something important that you need to know. 

What are Laser Radar Detectors 

Laser radar detectors are devices made to track the radar and laser signals that are used by law enforcement. That will help you to save your money from speeding tickets. Now let’s talk about how this works. 

If you have a vehicle that has a laser radar detector. This will receive radar bands like X, K, and KA bands. These are the most common bands that police and law enforcement use to track any vehicle’s speed. When these devices receive any type of frequency. 

Then it’s converted into an alert which shows on the device and if the laser radar detector has an audible system Then it will produce a tone. That tells you what type of band the detector receives. That will give you time to control the speed of your vehicle. 

Which will save you money. But be careful the use of laser radar detectors is illegal in many countries and in many areas. So before buying any of it, just check the laws and regulations of your area. If these devices are legal to use in your area then good to go buy them. 

Now let’s talk about the product. 

Uniden DFR5 review

Uniden DFR5 is the best product in terms of features. Becasue it comes with a premium features with low price. Like a stealthy operation feature, This will make your device virtually invisible to police. 

The second feature that I like is range detection. Because this will detect the radar and laser signals from long range. That provides you a some time to slow down the vehicle on time. The third one is city and highway modes. 

These modes help you to enhance your detector’s sensitivity based on location. If you travel in the city, then city mode is best for you. Because in this mode your device will focus on more accuracy to provide you alerts. But in a high way, it will focus more on range detection. 

Like these, there are a lot of features that uniden DFR5 that iam telling you. Which will help you to understand more about this product. 

Features of Uniden DFR5

Uniden has a lot of premium features in less price. 

  • Band Support ( DFR5 detects X, K, and KA bands )
  • Laser Detection
  • Range Detection 
  • Highway and City mode
  • Stealthy Operation
  • Audible mode
  • Mutu mode
  • Voice Alert

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable price
  • Long range 
  • Upgraded Anti-Falseing System
  • Covering all types of bands
  • Voice Alerts
  • Stealthy Operation
  • High and city modes


  • Lack of detecting laser signals sometime
  • Limiting some detections band range

How to use Uniden DFR5 

It is time to start the guide about how to use setup and use this device. These are some steps that you need to follow to set up dfr5. 

1. Mounting the detector

The first step is mounting, for this you need to choose the mounting place. Because there are two places in your vehicle where you can mount your device. The first one windshield and the second one dashboard. Choose the place which you like. 

Steps of Mounting this Device

  • In my terms, the suitable area is the windshield 
  • The second step is clearing be sure to clean the windshield and rubber cups that come with the device. 
  • After cleaning attach the rubber cups to the device
  • Now push the bracket into the windshield and slide the bracket 
  • Adjust your device angle and good to go your device will be mounted 

2. Powering and Customize uniden DFR5 

After mounting the next step is to power on. When you buy the device you get a cord cable with the device. You just need to plug in the cord cable into the device. Then plug your device into your vehicle cigarette lighter or power outlet. 

Then when you are on your vehicle your device is ready to start. Just press the power on the button this will start your device. After powering on you will see the mode option. Here you need to select the mode options. Uniden DFR5 has a two-mode highway and city select according your preference. 

After this process, your device is ready to use. Now just you need to customize your device setting according to your preference. Because uniden DFR5 provides you the option to customize your device. 


Uniden DFR5 is the best device for people who love driving. But this device is made for you to build healthy driving skills. So don’t try to do overspeeding, Because this will put your and other life in danger. 

So drive safe and use these devices legally, This will save you from police and speeding tickets. Now it is time to wrap up the article thanks for reading this. See you next time.  


The use of Laser radar detectors is illegal in some areas and in some countries. So Before buying must check the laws and regulations of your area. If these devices are legal in your area, then good to go buy them. Here we only provide you with information.

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