Cobra rad 350 review in 2023 ( Amazing and New Guide )

If you want to buy Cobra Rad 350. This article will help you because here you will find a detailed article about the Cobra Rad 350 review. That help you in your decision. radar detector then you will find your required information here. This article will provide you with information about features, Pros, cons, mounting, and setting up Cobra rad 350 radar detectors. 

Cobra rad 350 review

This will also provide you with information about radar detectors and the basic working mechanism of radar and laser detectors through which they work. After reading this article you will have enough information about the Cobra rad 350 radar detector and be able to review it by yourself. Let’s start this article with some basic introductory information about radar detectors.

What are Laser Radar Detectors

I am sure that after reading the words laser and radar in the title, radio wave and laser concepts spark in your brain. You are absolutely right, these are the devices that can detect laser and radar presence with the help of sensors present in their system.

They monitor the radar and laser and then alert you with visual and audio alerts. This is the basic device to provide you safety from the radar guns of police or law enforcement and provide you with a traffic ticket-free journey.

Legalization of radar detector

Radar detectors are legal in some countries and completely banned in some countries. The legalization of radar detectors completely depends upon the laws of the country. As the laws of the country change the legalization of radar detectors also changes in that country. Drivers should be aware of themselves according to the laws of their state.

Cobra rad 350 review

Cobra Rad 350 is an amazing device with basic features. In Cobra Rad 350 you can find a lot of features like auto mute, city mode, highway mode, visual alerts, and many more.  

Features of Cobra rad 350

The amazing features of the Cobra Rad 350 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Radar detection
  • Laser detection 
  • Display system
  • Sensitivity modes
  • Auto mute 
  • City and highway modes 
  • Auto alerting system 
  • Customization 
  • Visual alerts 
  • All available you need.

Radar detection: The basic feature of the radar detector is the detection of radar rays present in the surroundings emitted from law enforcement radar guns.

Laser detection: It can easily detect the laser rays emitted from LIDR and provide signals related to the presence of laser rays.

Display system: It has an amazing display system that is able to show basic features on the display screen of the device to provide basic alerts to users.

Auto mute: It has the feature of auto mute that provides services when the users need this feature of the device. You can set this according to your personal needs or requirements.

City and highway modes: Both the modes city and highway modes are available in the device to provide full support to the user of the Cobra Rad 350 device. You can use it according to your journey requirements or personal needs.

Auto alerting system: Auto alerting system is present in the device that fully facilitates the user. You just have to set the settings of the device.

Customization: Customization is available in the device Cobra Rad 350. You can customize your device features according to your personal needs or requirements.

Visual alerts: When you are not in the position of taking voice alerts you can choose the visual alerts for laser and radar signals. .it fully facilitates the users according to the situation.

Pros and cons 

The pros and cons of the Cobra Rad 350 radar detector are as follows:


  • Affordable range
  • Good detection
  • Voice alerts are available with limited connectivity
  • User-friendly noisy alerts
  • Compact design


  • False alerts
  • Limited features
  • Updates

Mounting of Cobra rad 350 

There are two types of mounting that you can do. These are as follows:

  • Windshield Mounting 
  • Dashboard Mounting

Windshield Mounting

Here are some steps for mounting or setting up your Cobra Rad 350 radar detector on the windshield of your vehicle. These are as follows:

First, Make sure that the rubber cups and the windshield on which you are going to set up your detector are clean.

Then it’s time to Push the bracket firmly on the windshield.

Now Attach the detector with the bracket carefully. 

Dashboard Mounting 

Some steps to setting up your Cobra Rad 350 radar detector on the dashboard are as follows:

Firstly, Place the detector on the dashboard to know about the position which is best to set the detector. Adjust the radar detector on the dashboard such as the mounting done in case of windshield mounting. These were the two methods to place your Cobra rad 350 rad detectors. You can choose from both.

Customer review about Cobra rad 350 

Cobra rad 350 laser radar detector contains full service and customer support that make it mind-blowing. It provides amazing features with an amazing serving ability to the users of the device. It contains city and highway modes, auto alarming, an amazing display system, and all the amazing features that are required for safe travel along the way. You can set the device according to your personal needs. It has an affordable range of prices for its users.


What is the best radar detector on the market today

The best radar detector on the market today is the Uniden r7 radar detector. Its amazing features make it unbelievably effective.

If laser and radar detection is mentioned on the device Box then the device can detect radio waves generated by the radar gun and light waves generated by the lidar gun.

Cobra radar detectors can detect the radar in about a range of 2 miles.

In order to pair iRadar to your smartphone to connect the device, go to the Bluetooth Settings Menu on your phone. For most devices this is found by opening; Settings ▶ Bluetooth. Press Scan for Devices wait for the Device list to populate and then select iRadar in the device. Pairing can be done in 30 seconds.

The use of laser sights is concerned with increased accuracy in general. By increasing the probability of hitting the target, especially in low-light situations.


The brief discussion we have done on the Cobra rad 350 rad laser radar detector. We have done with features pros and cons and many other things about the Cobra Rad 350 radar detector. I am sure that this information will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading this article and best wishes for a life journey with amazing detecting devices.

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