How to Use Uniden R4 ( New & Best Guide )

I know you have an uniden R4 and you don’t know how to set up and use it. Then don’t worry here you get how to use uniden r4 review. It is amazing to view the latest devices and know about these devices. Technology is moving towards advancement day by day. We all want new and unique devices with us. Uniden r4 is an amazing device by the Uniden company.

How to Use Uniden R4

In this article, we will discuss laser radar detectors, review about Uniden r4, features of Uniden r4, pros, and cons, and many more things about the Uniden r4 laser radar detector. 

After reading the basics of Uniden r4 you will get enough knowledge about the Uniden laser radar detector. Let’s start this article with some basic information.

Working Base Of Laser Radar Detectors

Laser radar detectors are the latest devices that are used to detect the laser and radar rays emitted from different devices. 

These devices are mainly to detect the presence of police laser radar guns. These devices help the user to warn about police guns and save money. These laser radar detectors contain a working system that is based on the advanced sensors present in the devices. 

These sensors detect the rays in the surroundings and then start processing. After processing it sends signals to the user to be aware of the threat present in their range. The features of detectors vary from version to version or from company to company. 

These are the advanced technology for travel along the highways and cities. You can choose the highway and city mode of the device according to your needs.

Uniden r4 Review

It is the best radar detector with its amazing range. You can’t beat it’s level.  This radar detector is amazing in its features. It lies in an affordable and amazing range concerning its features. This Uniden r4 laser radar detector is an improvement over the Uniden r3 laser radar detector. 

It provides an improvement in the false alerting of radar detectors. It has amazing performance with amazing GPS technology. It contains a refreshing design and amazingly improved new features. It is the best-ever investment in your safety. 

There are limited pieces of this radar detector and demand is high in the market. I expect that these are in trend. Explained features will clarify the points and improvements that are present in it and absent in other laser radar detectors.

Features of Uniden r4

The amazing features of the uniden r4 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Refreshed design( amazingly upgraded and fresh design)
  • Upgraded laser and radar detection platform ( upgraded system of laser and radar detection)
  • Long-range test results( can cover long-range)
  • Improved fast alert filtering ( amazingly filter false alerts) 
  • Auto lockouts ( auto lockouts work in the device)
  • Auto mode( work when you need it)
  • More k blocks ( advancements in k bands)
  • K band and photo radar changes ( photo radar changes make it different from others)
  • Display updates ( display system is updated)
  • RDD immunity ( upgraded immunity system)
  • Laser gun detection( detection of laser guns present in surroundings)
  • Amazing physical design( physical design upgradation)
  • Minor updates( it provides minor to minor updates)
  • Future improvements available( it provides the hope of future improvements with time requirements)
  • Bluetooth ( Bluetooth system is available) 

These are some basic improved features that are available in the uniden r4 laser radar detector.

Pros and cons 

Available pros and cons of uniden r4 laser radar detectors are as follows:


  • Refreshed design
  • Upgrade detection
  • Auto mute memory features
  • Lockouts
  • False alert filtering


  • Lack directional arrows
  • Only detects signals in one direction

What’s in the box of Uniden r4

The accessories that are present in the box of the Uniden r4 laser radar detector are as follows:

  • Uniden r4 laser radar detector 
  • Large single suction cup mount
  • Smart power cord
  • USB cable
  • Carrying case

These are the accessories that are available in the box of the Uniden R4 laser radar detector. There are some optional accessories present for the Uniden r4 laser radar detector that you can buy according to your needs or requirements.

How to use Uniden r4

After buying a laser radar detector it’s time to done with setting of the detector. You can customize the settings for your laser radar detector according to your requirements to enjoy amazing features. The basic settings that you have to do are as follows:

Menu settings

Choose the menu for you between basic and expert menus. If you will choose the basic menu it will just show the basic options in the menu. If you will choose expert it will show all the available options in the device.

City and highway modes

You will set the city and highway modes in your device according to your requirements. Choosing one doesn’t mean it will lock the other features.

Auto City 

It will choose the sensitivity limit of your laser radar detector. It lowers or increases the sensitivity according to your speed.

GPS settings 

It will enable the marking system of the device. You will enable the false alert filtering system. The device will enable to provision of alerts at marked regions.

Speed camera setting 

This will alert you about the speed camera. You can on or off this setting on your device.

Voice settings

You can set different tones for different settings it will provide alerts in the form of voice tones and make your travel easy for you.

Display settings 

You can set the display screen settings on your device according to your needs. You can select the things that you want to display on your screen such as volume, speed, signal strength, etc.

Mounting and setting

The next step after being done with the setting of the laser radar detector is the mounting of the radar detector. Mounting of uniden r4 laser radar detector can be done in two different ways. These are as follows:

  • Windshield mounting
  • Dashboard mounting 

Windshield mounting

  • The place between the passenger and driver where the view is clear is best for mounting or setting up your Uniden r4 laser radar detector. 
  • Firstly, Attach the rubber suction cups with the bracket and firmly attach these to the windshield of your vehicle.
  • Now it’s time to Attach the detector with the bracket and plug in a smart power cord to the detector.
  • Then attach the large end of the cord to the lighter of the vehicle to turn on the device.
  • Plug in your device to power it.

Dashboard Mounting 

  • The procedure of Mounting or setting up the uniden r4 radar detector on the dashboard is done on the dashboard of the vehicle same as we have done on the windshield of the vehicle.
  •  We will use hook and loop tape to attach the uniden r4 device to the dashboard of your vehicle.
  • The angle will be adjusted according to your needs and according to the surface of the road.
  • Plug in the device at the last to power on and it will automatically start working.


Are laser radar detectors legal? 

Laser radar detectors are legal in some countries and illegal in others. The laws of the state decide. There are some countries in which laser radar detectors are illegal.  You can choose your device according to the laws of your state. It depends upon state laws.

Is Uniden R4 expensive?

The Uniden R4 laser radar detector is amazing in features. If you want a good device and you have a craze of amazing devices then it is not expensive for you. As it is equipped with the latest and extraordinary features. It is worth its price.


The Uniden R4 laser radar detector is amazing in features. No doubt if you choose it you have an amazing choice. This device is elegant and classy. It will fulfill your requirements with the latest updates. No matter which one you will choose for your personal use it’s classy. 

I hope you get enough information about the uniden r4 laser radar detector. Thanks for reading this article and best of luck for your life journey with classy and elegant devices.

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