How To Use Cobra Dualpro 360 ( 2023 step-by-step Guide )

If you have a Cobra Rad Dual Pro 360, then this article will help you. Here you will get a detailed guide about How To Use Cobra Dualpro 360. Human comfort is the base of inventions. New and advanced devices are produced by amazing companies to provide comfort to users. There are many devices to provide comfort to drivers cobra dualpro 360 is one of them. 

How To Use Cobra Dualpro 360

In this article, we will discuss about Cobra Dual Pro 360. In our discussion, we will consider features, reviews, pros, and cons of usage, mounting process, and many more things about Cobra Dualpro 360. After reading this article you will have enough information about cobra dualpro 360. Let’s start this article we the desire to learn something new about Cobra Dualpro 360.

Working Mechanism Of Cobra Dualpro 360

It is the first multidirectional radar-detecting system. It has unmatchable accuracy. Cobra Dual Pro 360 is a radar detector and laser jammer designed to provide ease to the drivers. It helps to avoid speed traps and other law enforcement devices. 

It offers 360-degree protection to the users by detecting laser and radar signals from all directions. The Cobra Dualpro 360 uses built-in antennas to detect radar and laser signals emitted by law enforcement. When Cobra Dual Pro 360 detects radar or laser signals it analyzes the signal’s frequency and strength to determine where signals are coming from police radar or laser gun.

Cobra Dualpro 360 Review 

The Cobra dual pro 360 provides users the facility of customized settings for sensitivity, alert threshold, and other preferences. It is an advanced and amazing device to provide ease to the users. It has full customer support and positive feedback. 

It is the best device for those who want both facilities of radar detection and laser jammer in one device. it is the latest detection device with the latest update to provide facilitation to users of the Cobra Dualpro 360 device.

Features Of Cobra Dualpro 360

The describable features of the Cobra Dual Pro 360 are as follows:

  • 360-degree detection ( can scan for radar and laser in all directions)
  • GPS and database integration ( provide location-based alerts and help to filter false alerts)
  • Voice alerts( provide audio alerts to keep drivers informed)
  • Visual display( have a visual display to show information about detection)
  • Community sharing( can connect to a community-based network of users)
  • Sensitivity settings (user can adjust the sensitivity of detector)
  • Red light camera alerts( can alert about red light cameras )
  • Filtering features( provide sophisticated filtering capabilities)
  • Compact and discreet design(designed to be compact and discrete)
  • Mobile app integration( can be paired with mobile apps)

Features may vary from device to device and model to model. 

Pros and cons

The pros and cons of Cobra Dualpro 360 are as follows:


  • Enhanced awareness
  • Database integration
  • GPS functionality
  • Community sharing
  • Customization


  • False alerts
  • Legality
  • Cost
  • Dependency
  • Limited detection range

How To Use Cobra Dualpro 360

The usage of the Cobra Dualpro 360 is very simple and convenient to use. The basic setup procedure of the Cobra Dualpro 360 is as follows: 

Initial setup: Power on the device using the power button. Follow on-screen instructions for initial setup. It may include setting dates and times, language preferences, and other basic settings of Cobra Dualpro 360.

Cobra Dualpro 360  operation: The Cobra Dualpro 360  will start working when you power on the device. If not you might check the setting of the device to manually start the device.

Radar detector operation: The radar detector operation will start when you start driving your vehicle. Be attentive to voice alerts or visual alerts on the device screen of Cobra Dualpro 360. 

Other settings and maintenance: If your Cobra Dualpro 360 device contains a GPS feature. You can enable it to track your vehicle location or speed. Explore the device menu to customize various settings according to your preferences and requirements. Periodically check your device to ensure its maintenance for working longer.  Check for firmware updates from the manufacturer to ensure the latest features and improvements.

Mounting of Cobra Dualpro 360

Select a suitable location to mount the device on your vehicle’s windshield. Attach the mounting brackets securely to the windshield of your vehicle. Attach the Cobra Dualpro 360 to the bracket and ensure that it is stable. Connect the device with your vehicle’s power source using the provided power cable. You can mount your device on the dashboard also according to your requirements.

mounting process should be done at the right place to capture the right signals. if the angle is not adjusted then


The advanced antennas of the Cobra Dualpro 360 device and 360-degree laser detection let you know when radar or laser guns are nearby.

Android Users can Install the Cobra iRadar App on their phone. Ensure that your DualPro 360 is powered ON and pair your DualPro 360 detector to your smartphone’s Bluetooth by launching the iRadar app. Press the Bluetooth icon in the top right of the screen, then select DualPro 360 from the pop-up menu.

First of all Restore Factory Settings To restore Dual Pro 360 to its original factory settings press and hold MRK and BRT while turning the power on.

What app do I use for my Cobra camera

1) Go to in a browser on your Android phone.



Cobra Dualpro 360 is an amazing device for users. It is an affordable device with amazing features according to the requirements of users. It can provide additional awareness of speed enforcement activity. It provides location-based alerts and filters out false alerts. 

This is the best device for dual functionality. This device is the latest in features and mindblowing for usage. Hope you get enough information about the Cobra Dual Pro 360. Thanks for reading this article and best of luck for choosing cobra dualpro 360. 

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