Cobra Rad 700i Review ( 2023 Amazing & new Guide )

If you have the plan to buy the Cobra rad 700i then this article will help you Here you will find a detailed article about the Cobra Rad 700i review. Marketplaces maintain their establishment with the coming and new arrival of products in demand. The products catch the interest of users and people who have a craze for the latest technology. Today’s discussion is also about one of the amazing products of the Cobra company.

Cobra Rad 700i Review

In this article, we will discuss about Cobra Rad 700i. We will try to review, the features, pros, cons, and many more things about the cobra rad 700i laser rad detector. Let’s start this article with the willingness to learn something new and amazing about Cobra Rad 700i.

What are radar detectors working?

The devices that can detect the presence of radio waves in the surroundings of anything are called radar detectors. Radio waves are emitted from the police radar guns or from many other things that are present.

Radar detectors are mainly for the detection of radio waves emitted from police guns to save the user from traffic tickets. These are very effective devices for drivers who use these vehicles daily for personal use or commercial use.

The working mechanism of laser radar detectors lies in the simple principle. All the laser radar detectors have the same basic mechanism, but they differ from one another concerning the latest features. They contain sensing features in them.

These sensors help radar detectors to facilitate catching radar and laser rays amitted from guns. The processing and receiving system of these laser radar detectors is too fast to update the user about all the signals in less time.

The alerting system is built into the device to warn the user from time to time. These are the electronic devices that work with the help of electromagnetic waves.

Cobra Rad 700i Review

Cobra Rad 700i hits amazing. It is a brilliant choice while thinking about its performance and price. 

Features of Cobra Rad 700i 

The amazing features of the Cobra RAd 700i radar detector are as follows:

  • Band detection
  • K band low detection
  • Detail displays
  • Sensitivity modes 
  • Auto learn intelligence
  • Mark locations 
  • Drive smarter app 
  • Radar detection 
  • Laser detection 
  • Mounting available 
  • All you need 

Band detection: Different band detection is the basic feature of the device you can check the different band differences in the device.

K band low detection: The k band detection feature is available in the settings menu. It allows the k-band detection frequency to go lower than what is typically seen.

Detail displays: It has an amazing display system that shows all the signals and alerts. It provides all video and audio alerts according to the requirements.

Sensitivity modes: Sensitivity modes are highly updated in the device. It will provide you with fast alerts in less time and facilitate you.

Auto learn intelligence: Auto learn intelligence feature is available in the device that facilitates the user according to the requirements.

Mark locations: The mark button on top of the unit will be for location marking and will provide an alert to you regarding location.

Drive Smarter app: When connected to Drive Smarter your phone will receive threat notifications in your area. It also shows the speed limit of the road on which you are driving. These real-time alerts provide an extra layer of awareness.

Pros and cons 

 The pros and cons of the Cobra Rad 700i are as follows:


  • Affordable
  • False alerts
  • Overall ease of use
  • Compact design


  • Driver smarter app
  • Material Construction

Customer review about Cobra Rad 700i

The Cobra Rad 700i is worth it if you are using a radar detector for the first time. It contains full customer service and support. This radar detector is beneficial for users who want radar and laser detection. Users who want extreme features should move towards the updated versions of radar detectors by the latest companies. This radar detector offers amazing features that are enough for the main feature of personal vehicles.

 Legalization of Cobra Rad 700i 

The legality of radar detectors depends upon the state and the laws established in the state in which you are living. Every state has its laws and regulations. No doubt radar detectors have some advantages and some disadvantages. In some states, they are legal and sold openly at stores. On the other hand, they are illegal in some countries and their use is not allowed. It depends upon the state in which you are surviving. The laws of the state will tell you about the use or legal acts of these radar detectors.


If the radar detector is off, then you don’t have to worry about it draining your battery. You can off it when you don’t need it. 

Whistler radar detectors are better in all ways. It can provide amazing radar detectors that can provide all basic features.

The military radar detector has a range of 400 miles. It can detect the presence in long-range and these are customized with the latest features.

Radar can penetrate most common building walls, ceilings, or floor types according to ease.

You can Press and release the Mute button when no signal is being received. This will immediately reduce the volume of alerts on the device. you will Press and release the Mute button to reduce volume while the signal is in progress.

The Cobra iRadar app for Android is a free download in the Android Market that is available. The Cobra iRadar detector will run you about $125.


The radar detectors and laser radar detectors all devices occupy their own space in the market. Drivers can use these devices according to their needs. Police use these devices for the regulation of laws and citizens use some devices to protect themselves from these devices. Hope so you get enough information about the detection of laser beams. Thanks for reading this article and spending your time getting information about your device.

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