Cobra Rad 480i Vs 380 ( 2023 New Guide )

If you have a plan to buy a radar detector. But you are confused between 480i and 380. This article is for you, in this article, I will share with you the guide about Cobra Rad 480i vs 380. 

Cobra Rad 480i Vs 380

Which helps you to clear your point of view about this radar. In this article, we will compare two versions of Cobra radar detectors. Both detectors are no doubt amazing in their fractures.

However, the updating system of these two radar detectors makes them somewhat different from one another. We will discuss different features, Review, the pros and cons, and many more interesting information about these two radar detectors.

But before I start the main article, I want to provide you with a detailed overview. What are radar detectors and how to use them? But if you already have information on it. Then you can skip this section. 

What are Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are the best investment for you. If you like long driving. Radar Detector will help you to track rays emitted from police speed guns. That saves you from police tokens. But it does not mean you will drive careless. 

These devices are made to protect you and help you build safe driving habits. Also, this will save you from the police. But it does not mean you will use it in any illegal activities. Also in some countries and cities, radar detectors are banned. 

So before buying it, Just read the laws and regulations of your area. That will help you understand, whether radar detectors are legal or illegal in your area or not. 

Radar detectors are devices that can detect laser and radar radiation and alert the user about their presence. These electronic devices work with the help of sensors in these radar detectors. 

These will detect the rays and the processing system do processing to alert the user about the laser radar presence in the surrounding environment. The features will explain firmly about the laser radar detectors.

Cobra Rad 480i vs 380

I hope you will understand what are radar detectors are and what is the use of radar detectors. Now let’s talk about these two devices. That we add to this list. First, I will make an entire review of Cobra Rad 480i. Where we discuss the features, pros and cons. 

Then after Cobra Rad 480i, we will start discussing the next Cobra Rad 380. This will provide you a brief understanding of these two products. Which leads you to the final decision. 

Cobra Rad 480i Review

It is the top-line radar detector by the Cobra company for the detection of laser and radar rays in the surrounding environment. This is the upgraded version of the Cobra radar lineup. 

Cobra Rad 480i has a lot of amazing features that excite you, like the Laser eye feature, Which will help you detect laser signals from your vehicle’s front and rear. 

The Cobra rad 480i laser radar detector is the best radar detector related to sensitivity and selectivity. But if you want to set sensitivity, then I will recommend you try and test the different sensitivities. Which will lead you to your best settings. 

It is the updated version of the old radar detector. They have an upgradeable IVT filter with an advanced anti-falsing system. That increases the chances of getting fewer false alerts. Which made your radar detector more effective. 

It can provide the display system with a fantastic voice alerting system. It has full customer support. It is the best line to buy for a personal vehicle.

Features Of Cobra Rad 480i

Now let’s talk about the features of a Cobra rad detector. It has a lot of features so I will tell you one by one. Also, I will explain to you all the features of Cobra Rad 480i. These are The basic features that make Cobra Rad 480i different from all other radar detectors are as follows:

  • Laser eye
  • Radar detection
  • The white OLED display system
  • Second-generation iv filter
  • Voice alert 
  • Dual language
  • Muting or dim system
  • Sensitivity mode
  • User updates
  • I radar app.
  • Selectivity mode
  • Windshield or dashboard mounting is available.

Laser Eye: This is the best technology that makes Cobra Rad 480i unique. Because it will help you to track the rays from the front and rear of your vehicle, this will help your radar detector to detect the laser rays present in the surrounding environment. 

Radar Detection: Cobra Rad 480i has an advanced level of technology that easily detects rays coming from police guns. That saves you from the police and builds a healthy driving habit in you.  

The White OLED Display System: A well-organized display system is present that is easily readable at night. It displays all the displayable functions on the screen.

Second-Generation IV Filter: The filter is present to distinguish between different signals that are present in the environment and alert about the most important signals.

Voice Alert: A voice system is present in the device to send the voice signals when the user cannot view the screen.

Dual Language: Language is the main practical thing that we need to understand the meaning. This radar detector contains a dual language facility in it.

Muting Or Dim System: When we have passengers in our vehicles, we cannot get voice alerts. This can cause a disturbance so that the muting or dim system is available to facilitate the user.

Sensitivity Mode: Sensitivity is present for the fast detection of the signals. the more sensitivity the more will be the quick response.

User Updates: User updates are present in the system that can update a user from time to time.

I Radar App: The app is for effective functioning. You can connect with the app without the wire.

Windshield Or Dashboard Mounting Is Available: Both types of windshield and dashboard mounting are available for the setting up procedure of radar detector.

Pros And Cons 

Some pros and cons of the Cobra rad 480i radar detector are as follows


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Adjustable sensitivity of cobra device
  • Dual language
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • A lot of fake alerts

Cobra Rad 380 Review

Cobra Rad 380 is the updated version of Cobra company radar detectors. It is famous for its anti-failing alerting system. City and highway modes facilitate this radar detector. The audible signals that are provided by the device are excellent in strength. The other explanation will be explained by the features of the Cobra rad 380i device.

Features Of Cobra Rad 380

The presentable features of Cobra rad 380i are as follows:

  • Radar laser protection 
  • Laser eye 
  • Anti falsing facility 
  • Second-generation IV filters 
  • City and highway modes 
  • 7-segment color display 
  • Auto mute 
  • Audible signal strength level 
  • Power cord
  • Windshield and dashboard mount available

Radar Laser Protection: Radar laser protection is available in the radar detector which is the main feature of almost all the radar detectors. 

Anti Falsing Facility: Anti-filing system is the updated version of this laser radar detector that distinguishes it from other cobra radar detectors.

Second-Generation IV Filters: This filter helps the device to filter out between different laser radar signals and many unimportant signals.

City And Highway Modes: City and highway mode is present in the device which is helpful for the safe journey along the highways and the cities.

7-Segment Color Display: The main feature of this device is the color display system that distinguishes it from others. This display system is easily readable.

Auto Mute: The device will auto-mute when voice alerts are not important during the journey. 

Windshield And Dashboard Mount Available: Both types of mounting are available to set up the detector on the vehicle.

Pros And Cons

The pros and cons of Cobra Rad 380i are as follows:


  • Early warnings
  • Fast connectivity
  • Increased awareness
  • Reduce traffic tickets
  • Customized settings available


  • Legality 
  • False alerts
  • limited effectiveness


No matter which radar detector you find best for your personal use. But the information that you get after reading about all the necessary features is the paramount worth. 

Now you can distinguish between the various features of the two main radar detectors. These both radar detectors are exceptional in their features and worth their price.

But it is a fact that a detector that is beneficial for one may not effective for another.  Thanks for reading this article and best wishes for the life journey along with the safety.


In some counties and cities, radar detectors are illegal. so before buying just check the laws and regulations of your country and then buy raser radar for you. Because we don’t promote any illegal activities. 

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