Cobra rad 350 vs 380 ( Choose the best One )

Suppose you plan to buy the Cobra Rad 350 or Cobra Rad 380. But you are confused about which one is best for you. Then don’t worry In this article I will share with you a detailed guide about Cobra Rad 350 vs 380. That helps you to find the best one for you. 

Cobra rad 350 vs 380

We cover a brief introduction of these devices with pros and cons. Cobra is one of the best companies that provide laser radar detectors. A device that helps you save your money from police over speeding tickets. 

What are laser radar detectors? 

Laser radar detectors are devices that detect the rays of radars as well as police speed guns and provide alerts on your device. This is the best product that is made to help the human being. Radar detectors have a lot of features some of which I will tell you. 

The first feature that I like is distant speed detection. Mostly radar detectors have a feature of detecting the devices that are used to check the speed. This feature will help you to adjust your vehicle speed on time. 

The second feature that I like about these devices is GPS will help you to mark the location on the map. Because sometimes these devices provide you wrong alerts. So where you get wrong alerts mark that place. 

But before buying check the laws and regulations of your area and country. Because in some countries and cities use of laser radar detectors is illegal. 

Cobra rad 350 vs 380

Both devices have their own features. But both devices have some advantages and disadvantages. All these things we discuss here will help you to choose the best one for you. But I will provide you with some points based on my experience. 

That will help you to choose the best device based on these points. 

Detection Range & Accuracy Level: The first thing that you need to check in your device is the detection range. Because your detectors have the ability to track rays from a distance. Then you will get more time to adjust the speed of your device. But with the detection range accuracy level of your device is more important. So I will recommend trying to buy a device with updated technology. Because those devices have a high chance of providing you with accurate alerts. 

GPS and Alerts Type: GPS is the most important feature, If you buy a device that has an inbuilt GPS then you will easily mark your locations on the map. Because sometimes radar detectors provide you with false alerts. So when you get a false alert mark it on your device. 

These are some basic points that you need to consider in your device before buying. Now it’s time to start the reviews of these two products of a cobra. 

Cobra Rad 380 Review

The Cobra Rad 380 is an all-in-one package. Because you will get it in low budget device with reasonable features. Also, the best part is you can easily use this product. The first feature that I like of this product is the city and high modes. You can switch based on your preference. 

If you set your device to city mode. This mode will help you to reduce false alerts in urban areas. Because in some areas the automatic door was installed. That also uses an x band, and when you cross from that area, your device provides you an alert. 

That’s the false alert, This feature helps you to reduce this type of false alert. The second feature that I like is the Advance IVT filter. That provides you with advanced features to protect you from false alerts. 

With these advantages, the Cobra Rad 380 has some drawbacks. If you travel to a hilly area then this device doesn’t provide you with many accurate alerts. Because Cobra rad 380 long-range distance does not work accurately when it faces big size obstacles.

But it works best in flat areas, So if you want to buy it for long hilly travels then this device is not the best option for you. 

Features of Cobra Rad 380

Now it’s time to discuss the features of Cobra rad 380. I will provide you with some features overview that help you to understand more about this product. 

Long-range Detection: Cobra rad 380 has long-range detection features. That helps you to get the alerts from a distance. But like I said the Cobra Rad 380 long-range effect on hilly areas so it’s not very useful If you travel a lot of these sides. Otherwise, this feature works perfectly fine in the city. 

Advanced IVT System: Cobra rad 380 has an upgraded IVT feature that helps you to filter false alerts. Because all devices that are used to detect radar signals and laser rays have some limation. These devices are not 100% accurate. 

Highway & city mode: If you buy this device then you will get two modes. If you use highway mode then your device adjusts its sensitivity and maximizes range detection.  But this mode didn’t work in urban areas. For those, you need to use city mode. 

Adjustable Sensitivity:  Adjustable sensitivity is the perfect option because, with my experience in some areas and in some devices, the automatic sensitivities do not work perfectly. So you need to do some testing on sensitivities to find the best sensitivity for your areas. 

These are the main features that the Cobra Rad 380 has. But this device has some other features like user-friendly design and audible alerts. I hope this will help you to learn about this product Now iam providing you with some pros and cons.

Pros and Cons 


  • Affordable price
  • Long range detection
  • Advance IVT system 
  • Adjustable sensitivity 
  • Simple and easy to use


  • NO GPS
  • No Smartphone connectivity
  • Limited customization 

These are the pros and cons of this product now I think it’s enough for this product. Now it is time to start the review of Cobra Rad 350. 

Cobra rad 350 review 

Cobra Rad 350 is also a budget device like the 380. Cobra Rad is also the best option for you in terms of price. The main feature that both devices provide you laser eye. This feature allows you to detect singles from the rear and back of your vehicle. 

The features of both devices are the same but the Cobra 380 has upgraded features. But the feature I like in Cobra Rad 350 is a 7-segment color display. That provides you bright and best OLED display. These are some short reviews of the product. 

Now let’s check the feature of this product that will provide you with more information about Cobra rad 350. 

Features of Cobra rad 350

IVT Filter: Cobra rad 350 has an IVT Filter that is used to provide you most accurate alerts. That helps you to find accurate alerts. 

Laser EYE: Cobra Rad 350 has a laser eye feature, This feature with help you to detect the radar and laser signals from the rear and back of your vehicles. Cobra rad detects all types of radar singles like X, K, and KA bands. 

Audible signal levels: This will provide you with an interesting feature that helps you easily check the signal types based on tones. Cobra rad 350 provides you all band different tones. Which enables you to focus on the road. 

Unique Display: You will get an OLED display with 7 color segments. Which provides you with a detailed view of the display. 

These are the features of Cobra Rad 350 now I will provide you with the pros and cons of this product. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Affordable
  • Long-range detection
  • Laser detection
  • Easy to use
  • Audio alerts


  • Limited features
  • False alerts
  • Limited sensitivity
  • No red-light camera alerts


Both devices have almost the same features but the Cobra Rad 380 has advanced and upgraded features. Now it’s up to you which one you choose because both have the same features, almost the same price and many other things. 

But the drawback of these two devices is they don’t have GPS and mobile connectivity which are advanced features. In short, it’s now up to you because both have some advantages and some disadvantages. Now choose your interest. Thanks for reading. 

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